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Can't get diagnosed by GP but Naturopath says its Hypothyroidism

I just found this site in my desperate attempts to find info on hypothyroidism over the last few months. I've been feeling awful since the end of April after a chest infection that left me feeling wiped out. Or at least thats what the docs keep telling me it is. I've had hair loss for some years as well as mild depression, lack of motivation, brain fog, joint pain, fatigue all for some years too. Two months ago I developed a hoarse voice that wouldn't go away and in the last 3 weeks I've had a swollen feeling in my thyroid area that got so bad a fortnight ago that it constricted my breathing and my boyfriend thought I was dying and called paramedics! I'm not sure if that was because I had been rushing around all day, it was a very stressful day and it was a heatwave so maybe it swelled more than normal. Well usual story goes about blood test results being 'normal'. GP sent me to an ENT specialist who put camera in and checked my vocal chords- all okay. I keep telling the GP it's not a ENT specialist I need to see but an endocrinologist but Oh No, they know best!

Last weekend I was at a wedding. The brother of the bride is a Naturopath who specialises in endocrinology and my boyfriend was asking him for advice on my predicament. He looked me over that day and has very kindly given me some free advice over the last week, he sent me a very detailed questionnaire asking about symptoms, medical history etc. He pointed me in the direction of some natural medicine for the time being as I'm not getting anywhere with the GPs at present. He has been really helpful and sympathetic to my situation as I'm a single parent and it is just flipping exhausting trying to look after two young kids all day when all I want to do is sleep! The school holidays are a particularly joyous time for me at the minute trying to entertain them all day! He was Princess Diana's Naturopath so if he was good enough for her, he's good enough for me! I have a GP appt on Monday to discuss him sending me to an endo on the NHS. I can only dream!

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Your symptoms do sound hypo and your experience mimics mine but no-one did a Thyroid gland blood test.

Insist your GP gives you a full thyroid function test. The lab sometimes only do the TSH and if it is 'within range' wont do the others. This is a link with the information you require:-

Always get a print-out of your blood test results complete with the ranges for your own records and you can post the ones you will have on a new question for someone to comment upon them. Also ask, while you are at it, for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.(in for a penny in for a pound).

The problem is that GPs have been instructed that the TSH is the exquisite test for thyroid gland problems and they diagnose patients according to the TSH and if it is below 10 wont prescribe. Some, taking into consideration the clinical symptoms, prescribe if above 5. Before the TSH came into force people were diagnosed according to clinical symptoms and prescribed Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone.

The Naturepath must come across your situation often.

Please let us know how you get on. Doctors who were trained before the 1960's were trained in clinical symptoms. Nowadays doctors would be hard pressed to name one.

Before the

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Hi I totally agree with what shaws said it does sound like you could have a thyroid problems and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I say this because I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and for the past three years had dizziness ,foggy brain ,lung infection last year and this year throat and chest infection .its turns out my vit d was very low and also my ferritin was also very low so I was put on iron tabs and vit d tabs.i no longer feel dizzy and the brain fog is getting alot better.also if your blood tests come back within range but are on the lower end I would still take vitamin supplements to get the levels up .my ferritin level was 12 and the reference range was (5- 158) and even though it was in range I told the doctor I thought it was too low and insisted she put me on iron tablets .ive read your ferritin level should be around 70-80 .Also it's really important to get your FT4 and FT3 blood test done as it gives you a more accurate idea of what level your thyroid is ,hope you feel better soon .


Hi Camilla

I'm so sorry you're suffering. Undiagnosed and untreated thyroid problems are awful. Excellent advise from admin - they have always supported me so well and now I can manage my thyroid condition.

I would add to have your blood test (TSH) done as early in the morning as possible - there is data which shows our TSH level changes through the day and is usually at the highest in the early am, and drops in the afternoon. It is possible to be hypothyroid in the morning and within 'normal' range by the afternoon.

Good luck with your appointment.



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