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Can we demand to see an Endo?


I have Hasimotos and I am on 75mg of Levothyroxine. My Question is can I demand to be referred to an Endocrinologist, I have asked my doctor 4 times now and all I get is "if things havnt improved next time" that was 6 months ago. I still feel no better. Is there more tests they can do. Feel sick at the thought of another Doctors appointment, im sure he thinks I make it all up.

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arjs, my understanding is you will have to toughen up or bite the bullet and ask again and if the 'Clinical Decision' of your GP is NO then ask for a second opinion. Try not to give a thought to the GP's impression of you but instead focus on the help you need and the multi various symptoms you probably experience having a cause and solution.

It would be good if you read about referrals and recommendations on website.

Look at all recent posts of from Admin of Thyroid UK on here in particular Louise Warville.

Thank you I will do xx

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