Recommend Button!

Recommend Button!

You have probably noticed that there is now the option to 'Recommend' a Post, Question, Comment or Poll.

This is the same as saying you 'Like' something.

You can use it to show appreciation for something that is really helpful, informative, moving or amusing or to show that you simply 'agree' with it in some way.

I believe that there are plans to expand on this function in the future in some way. But for the time being that is what it is for.

You can still comment as well if you wish - or not if you don't.

It can be a handy way for people to know that their contributions are being read, even if people have not commented.

Hope this helps! :)

For more information on how to use the new style site, please see here:!/#thyro...

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  • Thanks Louise,

    I have often wondered who we are recommending it to i.e. did your recommendation go to Facebook or Twitter or somewhere like that ( which I don't use) but from what you have said it is just like the button beside comments that people send in at the end of newspaper articles where you can click to agree or disagree with their comment.

    basically our 'Recommend' is there for you to click because you like it especially if you don't have time to type out a reply. I can see why someone else said it would be good if we knew who had recommended it.

    Might be better to change 'Recommend' to 'Like' though.

    Liz :-)

  • Thanks Liz. Months ago now, there was a HUGE cross-group Admin discussion about what to call it.

    We can no longer access these discussions, so I can't remember the 'for and against' arguments on this. I can only assume that the majority did not want 'like'...

    Please feel free to use the annoying feedback button to say that you would rather it was called 'like'...! ;)



  • :-)

  • Recommended!

    Maybe one day we can have a Mercola type grading system for it. It helps show strength of feeling or support for a post[er].

  • tegz, will you explain the Mercola connection for me? Looked it up and found Joseph Mercola but still do not get the grading system?

    At first I thought Agree would be better but then possibly that is too absolute Recommend might have wider appeal.

  • You need to look at the 'Comments' section linked at the end of the article. In various replies you can see the status of the poster on the icon top RH corner. Hope that helps..

  • Wonderful idea just what we needed

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