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Suppressed TSH

I have Crohns Disease and saw my consultant the other week and we were talking about my underactive thyroid and about my last blood test for TSH and he told me it was better to have a suppressed tsh as your body needs it to be.

He also praised me for telling my gp that I did not want my thyroxine reduced because I felt so much better on the 150mg I am taking.

I am due my yearly blood test soon so it will be interesting to see what my readings are now.

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Your consultant sounds lovely. I suspect that he knows how not enough thyroxine can impair your infection-fighting ability.

If the GP tries to reduce it on the basis of the TSH it might be worth quoting the consultant and pointing out that with Crohns as well as hyothyroidism you are not a standard patient.

Don't forget to put your readings on here - and the ranges - so we can all see how things are going.

Marie XX


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