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Dizziness with Armour?

After initial problems with feeling much worse on Armour, then feeling a bit better after a couple of weeks i am now suffering from terrible dizziness all the time - i started on half grain and am now on three quarters (for the past week)

My results before starting were:

TSH 2.39

T4 13.5

they are now (after 5 weeks on half grain)

TSH 1.65

T4 12.4

My ferritin is slowly improving on double iron dose - gone up from 9 to now 14 - but that has taken two months on the higher dose of iron!

Any one else suffer with this dizziness?

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Hi Justy

Just to say that when you give your blood test results you have to put the ranges too, as labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier for someone to comment.

I cannot answer personally about dizziness with Armour but this is a link and if you cursor to the question dated September 6, 2001 it may give you an explanation - even though it's referring to levo.

If you have a sensitivity, Nature-throid and Westhroid are both hypo-allergenic.


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