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Symptoms advice please

Hi all .

I had a tumour and the right side of my thyroid removed about four weeks ago. Since having it removed I have to be honest I feel some times as though I am on speed. My energy levels are the best they have been for years. I suddenly started suffering with high blood pressure which has returned to normal since op and I had severe roscea that has since gone too . I have lost a little weight not a great amount but you can notice if you saw me before and after.

But as good as I feel I have some other symptoms since op that are bizarre . Night sweats, I now it's been warm but these have been severe. I even find it at times hard to sleep even though I can feel tired. My appetite has changed I eat no where near as much as I did. But the oddest one is the pitting in my leg. I sat with my heel in my right leg as I always do but on these last few occasions removed it to find a dent in my leg. My legs are not swollen or any thing so I am not sure.

I am still waiting for pathology on tumour and some people have said i should have had at least another blood test to check how the remaining thyroid is working. Sorry it's a long first post .

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I am sorry you haven't yet had a response. I assume no-one is knowledgeable enough to answer your question as we are not medically trained.

The only response would probably come from someone who has had the same as yourself. Since it is only a short time since your op it may take a little while for you to settle. Do you take your temperature on waking before you get out of bed and also your pulse. Sometimes a faster pulse may mean a bit too much thyroid hormone.

I bought one of the blood pressure/heart rate monitors from Boots as thyroid medication (even low dose) always gave me severe palpitations but I have solved that by changing medication.

When you get your next blood test results get a print-out from the surgery complete with the ranges and post on a new question and I am sure there will be a response.


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