people leaving this site now

this is just a short blog, but as you may already have read in one of my moans here that i had swopped home emails over the last three years here on this valuable site, and that a few of these are not bothering to come here anymore, again i was told today that a lady and this lady is a personal friend with thyroid /adrenals probs, that she also is not bothering anymore to come here, she said shame becos it was such a valuable site. this is sad, i have only posted this as i wanted to say this, as i dont come come here much now either.

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  • Hi Pettals,

    I agree - and so do many others - that the new site was very, very difficult to operate and absorb, but now that most of the 'kinks' have been sorted out it is much easier.

    At first I didn't know if I was coming or going there was so much information to take in.

    It is thought that Healthunlocked should maybe have had a trial run before launching but that is easier to say as an afterthought.

    I still make some faux pas but if I have a difficulty someone answers my 'help' or I now send an email to the Support Group if there is a bigger problem.

    The more you use the site the easier it becomes and new members who have joined in the past few weeks will be unaware of difficulties.

    Some think, too, that they have found some of the 'extras' of benefit.

    As the forum is invaluable to members, hopefully they will come back to the fold when they have queries or an experience which may help others.

    Best wishes.

  • The site has improved in some ways- but the old was settled in and people knew it that way.

    I think the point was made by Admin that the site had to change due to size and the interface with Health Unliocked so there was little choice to be had in the matter.

    I'm using 'Sea Monkey' browser now , after IE8 played up on the new site- and it's good.

    I can answer posts from within webmail boxes too -which saves trekking round endless pages.

    I think people come and go on sites, depending on symptoms severity, and the wealth of knowledge here will keep interest up- once it gets fully de-bugged.

  • dear tegz-- see above in anser to your imput thanks.pettals.

  • tegz well it was above but now below it was shaws that you are meantto read - my reply to shaws. oh dear i am going .

  • hello shaws, my dear friend, and thanks for your reply, i think that with us who have been on here for so long, struggle,- we have thyorid brains and being unwell we knew exactly where we were going, it was the easiest site to operate even for dumbos, now it takes a month of sundays to root around to find everything-- in th e old one i could see 'everything all at once' if you get my drift but now i have to go here there and everywhere to see what is going on and it really makes me dizzy. i am not surprised so many people has said to me that they have had enough and gone awol. ..... the old saying united we stand and divided we fall and now it looks that way... falling numbers... keep in touch shaws. hope you are feeling a bit better. xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Pettals. I understand what you say about being able to see everything at once. I really hope they listen and change the home page so that it is similar to the old one. I think it would be nice to have that back again instead of the 'recent activity' page we currently have. Although I quite like to see the recent activity, it could so easily have two columns; one for questions and one for blogs. I will suggest it as a possible improvement for when they have sorted out the problems with functionality :)

  • I second this. The reason the old site was good is because you could see and find the most important things easily: the blogs, questions and people. They were all on the front page!

    There is also far too much "white space". I want to see what people have written not to scroll down so much I can barely see the "flow" of the thread.

    For example to read this thread and get down to where I would add a comment you have to scroll through 10 web "pages" of my laptop screen. Some of the threads on the old site could be 40 replies long. That would be 20 screens to scroll through!!

    The old front page was much better because it contained so many posts/questions. I could see those that might be relevant to me and those I could help with easily. Now I have to go to several pages and do lots of scrolling. There also seems to be a number of things where I used to click once to get somewhere and now I have to click twice, going through some other page.

    The "recent activity" page was brought in for communities which had few posts/questions and replies. So people could more easily see what was happening. They did not consider busy sites like ours.

    At least it was busy. It makes me sad to think of how many people are not visiting anymore. :-(

    I'll hang around on this site because of the lovely people here and all the good work ThyroidUK do. But to regain popularity with users it needs to change design. This current design isn't good enough. Bug fixes are not enough.

    Totoro x

  • Could you copy and paste this into an email to support? I think it is important that they get this feedback. It is concise and says everything clearly with good reasoning. It would also be good for them to receive it from someone other than myself or other Admins so they can see how regular members are affected.

  • CAROLYN I HOPE YOU MEANT totoro and not me as i am useless as it is which is why i liked the old site, it was so clear, seeing everything, questions, post, old ones new ones, most popluar, etc etc.

  • Yes, I did :) If you look, my comment is right below totoro's which means it is a response to her. This is how it used to work but the wording of the email notifications is misleading. It should be something like 'carolynb commented on your post' rather than 'carolynb replied to you'. The second one implies that it was a direct reply to something you wrote whereas the second just lets you know that someone wrote something to someone on your post. I hope they change it soon!

  • Yes, please do Totoro - we complained to Matt on Friday about the amount of 'white space'. :)

    It's good to have member back up! :)



  • I completely agree, especially about the front page - I find the news feed fonts hard to read.

    Not only do I not get email notifications, even tho' the box is checked, but I cannot open my messages - it just opens the news feed again and again.

    I have stopped coming on to the page for the time being because I am just too tired to battle with it. And that is despite having worries and queries. Can't cope. Sorry.

    Jenni x

  • oh this BLOODY SITE!--- I just had a message from hiphypo, so i hav e come here to read it-- i have had to scroll up and down this page to find her!---iit just makes me dizzy--- and she has had enough by the look of it, she is tired of the uphill battle--- i dont blame her at all.... can someone answer this while i am here... if someone replies on a thread to a particular person, that person gets a message -- ie mrs blogs has replied to you but does everyone else get a notifacation so we can read what others have to say on the same thread/topic etc? the old site allowed this so we could all read others veiws?


  • Just to add to this and its a downside as i am getting used to the site and will try to keep up with posts and posting etc, but i just had your message of above actually written in the box before it is sent. Difficult to explain...hang on. Your message above was available to me to edit because it was in the reply to this box. So i may have been able to edit i tried to post it (to see what would happen) and it said i dont have authority to do this..which is lucky

  • This has been reported to support and to the boss himself, complete with screenshot so they know just how bad it is! Rod passed on more information to them yesterday after his initial email too. It seems to be happening with Firefox but not Chrome or IE. Are you using Firefox?

  • firefox

  • I had thought seriously about leaving the site too and looked at alternatives. I am able to access the site now but it took about a week and several e-mails and I had to be VERY determined to continue. I still find it complicated and I use the computer for work most days! I am sure we'll get there in the end though

  • I too have found it difficult and thought of leaving. I have received such good advice and support from other members, which has seen me through some really bad times. Don't give up we all need as much support and information that we can get and none better than the hardworking and kind people who run Thyroid UK.

  • Thanks! :) We ARE fighting your corner. :) x

  • As Louise says, we are fighting to get this sorted out. Support are probably sick or all our emails by now ;) From the responses I've had from the techie people, I'm confident it will get sorted out eventually. They seem very keen to make the site work well. After all, it doesn't do them much good if everyone leaves so they have to sort it out. Glad you're sticking around :)

  • Glad you are sticking with us Jan. :) xxxx

  • Glad to see you're still here :) I have had my anxious moments with this site too but it is getting there and the support team are working hard to get it sorted out. They are very keen for us to let them know of any problems, although I think they've probably had enough of some of us admins emailing them all the time :D

    Please do feed back to them any problems you have. They really are taking them on board :)

  • I think the problem is that we don't like change, I am sure in time it will all settle down. I feel it's a shame that so many are leaving. I for one will stick it out.

  • Glad to hear it Wednesday! :) xx

  • That's great to hear! I don't really like change either but I am getting used to this now and I still find it easier than some other forums, probably because I'm getting used to it. There is one photography forum that I find particularly hard to use. I think I am getting used to this site because I am spending so much time on here, lol. I'm spending a fair bit of that time 'looking' for problems too :D Maybe next time they make changes, they'll get some of us to test it first!

    Glad you're sticking around :)

    Carolyn x

  • So what to do - another site url? I am curious, and keen to know. This site's info has/is being invaluable, and I would not like to see the 'platform'/support disappear into the ether of unknown labels. Do keep informed.

  • We are sticking with this site for the time being - we have been promised more changes and improvements. If this ever changes we will give people plenty of warning... :)



  • Hi guys. I have to say that as a Mac/Safari user that the site seems still to be full of problems. I'm hoping it's a matter of 'getting around to it' on the part of the techs as it has certainly made using it very difficult and unsatisfactory this week.

    I haven't entirely figured out what's a change, and what's a dysfunction yet either...

    Setting aside issues of loyalty and the onus that falls on all of us to do our bit to keep a resource like this going for the greater good: walking away may not be all that wise anyway when there's maybe people and info about that have the potential to play a part in resolving our health issues.

    It's equally clear that the group risks the possibility of taking a serious hit if the issues are not resolved pronto...


  • Ian - please make sure you are reporting all tech problems - I had thought that most of the remaining issues were design and function rather than tech. :( Report to or direct to LoraHU.

    We are aware that we have lost loads of people and I dread to think how many new people are just bouncing straight off again. It's heart breaking! We are a SUPPORT group, here to help and support people and I really feel that we are unable to do that fully at the moment....

    We are hoping for more improvements over the coming weeks...



  • I'm also a Mac/Safari user gradually getting used to using the new website. Just wondering whether it would be possible to transfer the 'Browse All' button to the first page, giving easier access to all the posts? I really like the 'Recommend' button.

  • Hi Polaris - glad to hear you like the recommend button! :) I wish it showed WHO had clicked it thought - like FB. Please send through any suggestions to

  • P - Sorry to hear that you are leaving us....

    I have just posted this on Thyroid Friends on Facebook and thought I would put it here too...

    Still want to give HU a go..!? Still having Tech troubles or is there something you just REALLY hate..!? PLEASE send feedback through to them! Thyroid UK and other groups are fighting your corner! We send feedback at least once a day with Tech problems and suggestions for how to make things better!

    I would also like everyone to know that we had NO IDEA exactly how things would be before it went live! We found out at the same time as everyone else and had to flounder around along with all of you! The only reason that we are finding it easier now it because of the sheer amount of time we have spent testing and retesting things and writing helpful hints!

    To send feedback or Tech problems, please email or send a message on HU to LoraHU. There is no guarantee of a personal response, but they must be logging it all......

    We have been in close contact with Matt and expect to have more communication with him over the coming weeks... Much love and FULL appreciation of your frustrations...

    Louise & the whole TUK Admin Team.... xxxxxx

  • who is P, LOU, WHOS GONE?

  • I think Louise thought that you were leaving. I hope you're not. You would be missed :)

  • hello carolyn see lou's message, for you too. thanks. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Pettals - It's you!! lol! I thought you said you were leaving!! ;) xxx

  • OH BLESS YOU GIRLS--- well how could i leave then--- i had thought of leaving yes, but then decided that i just wouldnt come here much, i would miss you all too, its just that i dislike the new site it makes me dizzy, i wil l still be around to post what i find that is interesteing but not as much, as it is hard to find and see everything al at once now. bless you all. xxxxxxx

  • If we have only ever used Thyroiduk/healthunlocked we may have thought that it was an individual site and exclusive to us but it is Healthunlocked and when you look at the 'communities' - it covers the whole alphabet of ill-health so don't know how many members overall. As all of you are aware, we reached around 11,000 members in a relatively short time, plus if you take into account all of the other communities, healthunlocked would have been at saturation point on the old system.

  • I think a while before the "upgrade" that HU said something like 120,000 users.

  • I've just submitted feedback to Support. Have been attempting to use the 'search' facility which does work but I can't seem to move away from the one thread. It won't let me look at any others so might just have to start a new question!

  • Thanks CG. :) xx

  • Louise - I've had a nice reply from them saying that the Search function will be improved eventually but in the meantime to use the 'back' button.

  • Pettals I don't want you to leave either!!!!

    I am also finding this site very very difficult, I can no longer access it from work, I have reported problems many times, it feels like it's no use as I still cannot access the site from work and I still struggle to navigate it myself as an admin!!!

    But I'll persevere as I love this community too much :)

  • hello nbd- i had no idea you had left this message for me-- what i did get was a message saying quote- cinnamon girl replied to you ( me)-- when it was loiuse she replied to. i wont leave altogether nbd, but it does get on my wick, the old site said cinnamon girl had left a comment on your blog--- well we wont be able to go back to the old one, and i love all you girls too, and thanks for your kind words. it is soooooooooooo frustrating, maybe we should met at liverpool street station and have a gluten free scone! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • and guess what NBD, after 3 years of being soooooooooooooooooooooo ill, i know damn well that i had an adrenal crisis altho this has never been actuallydocumented but after searching thru my symptoms, seeing dr mouton ,prof chew, and taking stck of my cortisol levels, thyroid,levels inflammation big time which has totally altered my features thru excessive swelling on my eyelid skin above and below skin, that now i really need plastic surgery to take away the excess skin, however one needs cortisol to combact the effects of swelling, that olus the way i felt as if i was slowly dying, and prof chew looking thru my tests and confirming i have low acth and low cortisol at times, i know i have impproved on my own i can actually get on a train to liverpool street! ho w long that will last for i dont know, remeber when you were going to come to pick me up? i felt soill atthat time it was imposible, now it i spossible. exceptmy hair has been the worst ever. anyway take care and i wish you well. bless.. xxxxxx

  • Have only been a member for a few months ,and i found the new site harder to use ,But its like if you have a new mobile phone ,its takes time to get used to.If people leave what does that say about us thyroid patients we have to stick together and i think this site shows that,How people here help one another,The people and the help i have recieved from this site as given me the courage to stand up for myself .and can't thank you all enough,So try and hang on it will get easier.

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