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Blood test appointment,they cant fit me in on time,am i being unreasonable?

Diagnosed Hypothyroid and on 50 Levo.Told to book an appointment for 8 weeks time for second blood test.This falls on the 4th August but my Doctors reception could not fit me in and asked me to travel 5 miles to another surgery which i refused.After a lot of disagreing and persuasion i got an appointment for 4 days later which if i do need an adjustment will set me back a week or so later than it would have done,i am sure it needs adjusting as i am getting tired again and usual symptoms.Am i being unreasonable? why should i wait this extr week? its my health and if i can feel better sooner then thats what i want.

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For what it's worth, I usually get my blood drawn at the local hospital's phlebotomy unit. Is that a possibility for you?

The idea of going to the GP surgery for a blood draw is not appealing! The whole appointment mechanism is tediously heavy-handed. And they are so desperately slow. Further, the first appointment is much later than the 08:00 I manage at present.

However, given the generally slow nature of change and improvement in thyroid disorders, in the long term a week either way will not be likely to make much difference. But it is a rubbish system that makes it happen like this.


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The surgery will give me a blood test form to go to the local hospital - as Rob states. It is better to have blood drawn at the earliest.


I always book my blood test as soon as I get my next hospital date - well last time I had to wait because they weren't that far ahead with their diary - but generally I get in as early as I can and get the first appointment of the day.

Our surgery has a phlebotomist dedicated to only doing blood tests but they have two nurses who will do them too.

Like Rod says you will probably be ok for the four days - its the principle of it all really isn't it :-)


Yes Liz as you say it is the principle.Another blow is now i cant make that date.Recently we had a death in the family and the funeral has just been announced for the 8 August,the date of my blood test and its 400 miles away so i will be gone for a few days.This is only the start of my treatment so i dread to think how its going to go in the future.


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