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Swelling from heat or eltroxin??

Hi,I started on eltroxin 50mcg six weeks ago.My TSH was 6.5,now 2.35 (top of range 4.2),TPO antibodies 100,stayed the same.When I started I noticed my feet were aching and my legs felt like lead.My weight is fluctuating so much,5-10 pounds up and then down over a few days. In the past two weeks with the very hot weather I found this got worse and I saw that my hands and my feet in particular were very swollen.My GP is happy with my TSH now and putme on a water tablet.Got up four times last night to pee but was four pounds lighter in the morning and feel and see some relief from this.Anyone else experienced this?.

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Hi Jenny

Sorry this was not answered.

If you still need assistance, can I suggest posting a new question.



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