Calling all Thyroid sufferers.. send this link to your MP

The wonderful Scottish lasses that have fought so hard need your support.. email your MP

and give them the link to the scottish parliament session

and if you've ever had a doctor (what are the chances of this?) who has been unhelpful, unbelieving, less knowledgeable than you, or telling you it's in your head

Please (without naming names, it's not their fault) describe your experiences

If you make your email subject Scottish Parliament PE1463 we can really show them just how many of us there are...

Please.. do this I know you're probably confused, cold, tired and brain-fogged but if we all work together we can get GP guidance changed..

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  • Could you put an example email ,so can get some ideas what to write ,(as could also send email to welsh assembly)

  • Hi Lizzy.. you could try this... I'd keep the link in.. they're damned good those Scottish lasses

    I am writing to you as my elected representative to lend my support to the Scottish women fighting for better Health Professional guidance and training in the area of the diagnosis and treatment of Thyroid disorders

    I also support their claim that

    1)I believe there are many, many people at home on sickness or disability benefit with a diagnosis of depression or chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia who actually have an underlying thyroid disorder which could be significantly improve with better treatment

    2)There is increasing evidence that some patients can’t convert T4 and don’t benefit from treatment with Levothyroxine

    There are 82 drugs on the NHS list for type 2 diabetes

    There are 47 for depression

    There are 16 for acne

    3 for hiccups and 3 for dandruff

    But only one for Hypothyroidism

    This one drug, Levothyroxine is a T4 only drug, and lots of patients can’t convert it

    There are 2 other drugs that need adding urgently to the NHS list, T3 Liothyronine and Natural desiccated Thyroxine

    GPs guidelines and training needs updating and the concepts of Adrenal Insufficiency, Optimal vitamin and mineral levels and T4 conversion issues need to be documented for the adequate treatment of Thyroid patients

  • Thanks for that will get email addresses and send in week,

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