EXCEPT THEY are not answering me but their replies responces are coming to me at home when they are meant for someone else. this is stupid, everyone is answering someone elses response but the reply is going to the wrong person, i have had so many notifications of replies to me but they are not mine!

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  • This is because they are responding on your posts. This is the way it has always been. Any responses, even to other people, on your blogs will get an email notification sent to you. You may not have really noticed it before but the blog in question has had a lot of activity so you are probably getting a lot of these emails. They are your notification emails because it's your blog :)

    If it is upsetting you too much, you can go to your settings and turn them off. Just click on your name on the green bar at the top and you will get a drop-down menu. One of the options is 'Email Preferences'. Click on this and then click the top 'edit' button. You should then be able to tick or untick whichever boxes so you only receive notifications that you want.

    I hope that helps. This hasn't changed from before, you are just getting a lot of activity on that blog today.

    Carolyn x

  • You never used to get notifications unless it was a response directly to your post/question or, if it was a reply to your own reply within someone else's question/post. Now we're getting notifications when someone responds to someone else's response within our question/post. So although I'm replying to you Carolyn, Pettals (sorry Pettals!) will get a notification which definitely didn't happen before.

    Does the other person, in this case Carolyn, also get email notification, as used to happen?

  • I'm fairly sure it did happen before because one member got very annoyed that people were having a conversation on her post and she kept getting notifications. She found it particularly annoying because the conversation was not directly related to her original post but had gone off at a tangent and was getting notifications every time one of them commented.

    I do agree that there should be an option for more fine tuning with notifications. On or off isn't very helpful :(

  • Maybe they were posting replies to the original post but were intending them for someone else in the thread instead of replying to the individual posts. I certainly only got notifications if it was a direct response to something I'd actually written.

  • That is strange. The wording of the notifications is wrong though. It implies that the responses are directly to you when they are to someone else on your post, which is misleading. I hope they sort it out soon. It is causing confusion!

    They used to say something like "X made a comment on your blog post" or something, which makes sense. Now they say "X replied to you" or something similar, which is misleading at best! I think it has been flagged but if it isn't sorted in the next few days I will flag it again.

    It doesn't help that the link doesn't take you to the comment either!

  • thi s messageis for you carolynb-- yes i agree with what you have said that is why i am thinking alllthese people are reply ing to me personally when they are meant for others.. same ^&(*))-- different ay so they say...::) :( the commemt comment was better a syou know others were talking about your thread , and when you got a reply t oyou then it said so.....

  • The only option in email preferences is "Email me when someone responds to something I've written" so it's either on or off, there's nothing in between.

  • Yes, it's the same option in principle as we had on the old platform. But this time, they've implemented it so that it covers absolutely every response on your own Ps and Qs, rather than only the responses directly to you. We could do with an in-between option. Maybe something to add to the 'wish list' (assuming it's not already in the upcoming changes).

  • Oh I see :( It's different for admins. I think there should be more options for everyone. Thanks for letting me know about this.

  • and it is interesting to see what others say so it doesnt up set me at all, its just that when i get tthe notification i think that person has responded to ME.... cos it says so--- then it dont deliver!... i have a thyroid brain. :( xx

  • I have thyroid brain too. I phoned my husband today from my mobile and, just as it was ringing, my home phone rang. There's me thinking 'who on earth is that? They couldn't have worse timing!' and I try to disconnect my mobile so I could answer the landline. Well that didn't work so I just picked up the land line, said 'hello' and just got my own voice :D I'd accidentally rung myself up! I did feel such a wally!

  • i have taken the handset landline phone out in my bag!---- thinking its my mobile- more like a brick! and another thing thats gets my goat is that when i click on the notification to read your repy it whizzes up to the top, makes me dizzy. i hate it.............

  • hello carolyn you poor thing--- it doesnt upset me at all i am coonfused.com-- before we got an email saying mrs blogs commented or replied or what ever to your blog, but now we get mrs blogs replied to you, when i look for MY REPLY it isnt for me, or maybe i am just a dumbo... i hate change really, sorry carolyn, iam just confused. have a rest now. xxxx

  • I shall email them tomorrow about that. That wording can be misleading. I will let them know and see if they can change the wording on those emails.

  • When you click 'see response' in the email it doesn't take you to the actual response which doesn't help, it just takes you to somewhere on the page, usually the bottom.

  • They are aware of this and we hope to see this fixed soon - they were trying to get the notifications actually up and running first and then move on to tweaking how they work...!

    I am also hoping to get more helpful info in the notifications again - such as which group they are from and maybe a bit more info than 'soandso has replied to you' such as which thread it was actually on.

    I'm going to ask anyway - not making promises though....

    Believe me when I say the Admin Team are constantly suggesting and reporting and negotiating on behalf of the members.



  • janiericat i have printed your nam,e to make it easier, so you know i am answering you, i acknowledge you to Lou below---- becos that is my beef too-- when you click on respnse to answer what has ben left for ( YOU)- ie..me----then it jumps about like a cat on a hot tin roof making everyone dizzy-- you have to then scroll up n down to find your reply... hate it hate it hate it and will never like it, i only come back on here to answer the kind people who leave me answers. including you Lou too. and carolyn and whoever you darlings.. love you all..xxxxx

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