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End to ATOS monopoly

Those of you who are unfortunate enough to need to apply for ESA or PIP might be interested in this report. It seems that ATOS have not been doing a very good job at all (which many of you will already know!) It has been decided that all medical assessment personal will have to be retrained and other companies will be brought in to do some of the assessments, stopping the virtual monopoly that ATOS currently have.

It has also been decided that a physiotherapist's assessment is not adequate for mental health cases, so this could be a positive change for those patients.

Carolyn x

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That is good news and then hopefully ATOS will be pushed out by these other companies, because this awful service has to change. I have had the misfortune in having to attend 2 ATOS medicals in the space of under 3 years and am currently fighting the decision made that I am fit enough to work. I would bloody well love to be working again and living a normal life, but this illness due to the apathy of the GP's that I have seen, I have now gone from a woman who has worked all her life to now having to claim benefits which have been cut while I await my tribunal. No one in their right mind would put themselves through this for £70 a week. My life has been turned upset down since becoming unwell, and I do not recognise the person that I have become. So the sooner this dire system is kicked into touch the better for all of us who are genuinely unwell...


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