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Help! Feeling pretty desperate. Who to see for underactive thyroid and very low adrenals?

Hi there,

Would be grateful to anyone taking the time to read this question as am sooo confused and in need of guidance.

I had tests done recently with Genova and my thyroid came back as borderline underactive. Also had adrenal stress tests done and they came back as very very low . It was flagged up as to how severe levels are. This threw me. Who do I see who can treat me for Adrenal fatigue and underactive thyroid? Initially thought I'd see Dr Skinner or Dr Peatfield, but am in a real quandry. Do you know if they treat adrenals too? Meanwhile I have ordered some armour thyroid and am going to start taking 1 grain as per recommended by my naturopath.

I feel that I have suffered awful symptoms for too many years now, and refuse to believe I have ME (was diagnosed with ME 5 years ago). I feel on the brink of recovery in some ways which is why who I see now is so important. On the one hand it feels quite positive, on the other, I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Any advice re adrenals would be most welcome. Many thanks.

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I think Dr. Peatfield is better with adrenal issues, although I have not seen him myself. Put the word "peatfield" in the search bar at the top of this page and lots of past information comes up. I know it will take a lot of reading to find what you are looking for (assurance that he is the best doctor to see for your particular circumstances) but the decision who to see is, in the end, down to you and your person preference.

Moggie x


I have just seen Dr Peatfield and he did tests on me for adrenal issues in the surgery. I am just starting on the treatment that he recommended. He thinks the reason that I can't tolerate more than a tiny amount of Armour is due to adrenal issues.

If you know that you have serious adrenal issues I would suggest that you don't start on the Armour until you have seen Dr Peatfield.

I think from reading other posts that he is the best person for adrenal issues.


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