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Yes, Your Diet Affects Your Mood and Mental Health

Dr Mercola

I found this article interesting: Many of us, I believe, have a gut problem. (I am not sure if this link will work on this updated site). If not I will have to find out why.

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I think it was Carolyn that told me she was getting around links not working by putting a space before the link and after the link and then it works. I have managed to link most things using this technique - a possible solution until the tech guys get it right.

Moggie x


I did try previously a space before and after but it was just the same. I have reported to HU tech. Maybe I'll edit and see what happens. Thanks Moggie.


Clever girl Moggie - it did work this time. Thanks


Thanks Shaws.

The bit I found most interesting was about fructose and inflammation. Several of us have said in recent posts that we were hobbling, joints inflamed etc despite this lovely weather and questioning why. Well I , for one, have been eating loads more fruit than usual - hate most fruits!- and presumably therefore more fructose. May now try reducing the fruits - thought I was being healthy!


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