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opinions on this please

this has just been shared through facebook and i was hoping for opinions on it, now im the type that will try anything including clove oil on an open wound lol yes that ended is disaster

hope the pic shows if not i will screen shot

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I have edited it so that the link works. There are some technical issues with links at the moment that require a space to be typed immediately before the link but this is being sorted out :)


My personal opinion is that it's not going to cure an underactive thyroid, but who knows? Aromatherapy is very powerful. Perhaps if your thyroid is just a little sluggish it could help.

I think 1 in 5000 is quite an underestimate of the number of people with hypothyroidism, but perhaps it is not something that is seen in other countries and thus evens out.

Carolyn x

***Remember that anyone who is pregnant should be very careful using essential oils and make sure that none are contraindicated during pregnancy*** - I don't think any of those listed are a problem but it is best to check.


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