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Still no improvement

Hi all

Was hoping for some improvement by now but things are just as bad. Dr S increased my Thyroxine to 125mcg for 3 weeks and then 150mcg for a further 3 weeks and now 200mcg. I still have a lot of aches & pains mainly in my feet first thing in the morning. What else I find is that if I sit down for a little while I am incredibly stiff when I try to stand up and walk. Was hoping I would have lost some weight but not an ounce yet !!!

Beginning to get low now as I really thought something would have helped by now but no change at all !!!

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I would contact Dr S and he may suggest dropping some T4 and adding T3. I had an immediate improvement when T3 was added but everyone is different.

I had more symptoms when on levo and the pain and stiffness was awful. Even today, 6 years later I cannot bear to think of it. The more I reduced the T4 and increased T3 the better I became and symptoms reduced.

Also, it is worth a shot in trying another make of levo as it may be fillers/binders which is affecting you. Excerpt:-

However, thyroid patients often find that there is a very distinct difference between the various 'generics'. Everyone is different, and what suits one patient does not necessarily suit another. Also, swapping between the various brands on a regular basis makes some patients very unwell.


Hi, I have had to write to Dr S to ask for his thoughts as I can't wait until my appt with him on 23/8/13. The joint pains (mainly feet, ankles, wrists and fingers) are horrendous first thing in the morning. I am so stiff first thing in the morning its takes me a good while to get out of bed. I have the same problem when I have sat down for as little as an hour. I am just so sluggish all the time and have gained 3st in 2.5 years and am now 5st overweight. I am at my wits end !!!


As Shaws says, you may need some T3.

Other things to check are serum iron, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D. The pains in my feet, and some of my joint pain and stiffness, were down to a vitamin D deficiency. This has improved greatly since getting my vitamin D levels back up. Vitamin D is also essential for the metabolism. People with good vitamin D levels tend to lose weight more effectively than those without.

I hope you find the solution soon.

Carolyn x


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