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Is it better to treat the antibody level rather than the TSH level with Hashimotos?

I have now had two episodes of feelings of swelling around my thyroid and flagged it up with my doctor, under the suspicion that it is thyroiditus from my Hashimotos. I am worried that my healthy thyroid tissue is slowly being destroyed. A previous ultrasound revealed that the left is still healthy. I am currently on 100 mcg's of Levothyroxine. My levels are TSH 1.7, free T4 is 17 and my antibodies are around 300 (they used to be around 900). I said to my doc that if I still have such a high level of antibodies then there is still inflammation within my thyroid. My doctor said they are unwilling to consider changing my dose because my TSH is normal. Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice?

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From what I've learned on the site in the last couple of days, TSH is not the be-all and end-all. I'm only very recently diagnosed so I don't know much, but I believe your TSH can be normal when you still have symptoms. I have Hashimoto's too and I'm worried that just putting us on Levo is not going to solve the issue - surely we need to keep track of what our immune system is up to as well? Any more seasoned advice from others truly welcome...


Thanks ebites, yes I agree about tracking the antibodies. My surgery won't do a test any more than once every six months! Bit of a pain really. It would be good to see what the antibody levels are when you feel a flare up and then perhaps like pennyrose says just up your dose for a bit. Good luck with getting/feeling better : )


I'm with ebites on this. We've just been talking about goiter's/inflammation on the thyroid. When my pain/discomfort/strangling was bad an increase of levo really helped.....although that only lasted for 4 weeks! Did you ever see and endocrinologist? Mine set my GP's targets on TSH and told them he wanted it suppressed (0.00-0.05). TSH at 1.7 could definitely still come down a little.

As long as you have symptoms they need to take better care of you. Things will not get better by themselves x


I just got a set of new blood results actually and the TSH level is up from last time. I have my bloods done every 8 weeks and there has been a steady increase. It has gone from 0.8 (felt brill) to 1.7 to 2.2. Although this is all classed as still within the realms of normal. My doc said she was unwilling to up my does slightly (having spoken with a endo on the phone) although I feel that I am slighty under medicated, hence the slow steady tsh rise and attacks of swelling. I have read that it is better with Hashimotos to keep tsh around 0 although my doc argues that over medication can lead to brittle bones. Have you ever heard about this? Any tips on what to do? Thanks : )


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