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Interesting reading - a writer who has been diagnosed Hypothyroid - makes painful reading

This is well worth a read as it is a description of how someone suffered for many years and the various problems he had before diagnosis. He is a writer and found the 'mental fog' a lot of us suffer to be a real handicap.

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That was an interesting read. I recognise so many symptoms in myself before I was diagnosed too. Scary isn't it?

I have put a space before and after the link so it now works. Hopefully HU will sort out this issue soon so we won't have to remember the spaces :)

Carolyn x


Thank Carolyn. I didn't know about the issue with the space. Ian x


Hi Loobs39,

Sorry, I've just reposted that link. I'd actually forgotten that I'd already posted here. I guess that mental fog isn't as cleared as I though it was. Thanks for reading. Ian


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