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"It's not thyroid related"

How many time have we heard that one before?

Well Medicare have published their reimbursement guidelines for our USA friends and at this link below is the Thyroid Testing list. The list indicates that thyroid function testing may be medically necessary with the following patient - conditions/complaints/symptoms:


If you want to see the full document - pages 91 -97 refer:

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They will probably still think it's not our thyroid when the TSH is within range unfortunately.

How many go to the GP with glaring clinical symptoms which are ignored.

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as ive just found out....went to doc monday, feeling very symptoms of palpitations, dizzy spells and air hunger

rang up for results today....

waited 2 hours for doctor to call me back...she didnt...the receptionist did..."your thyroid is normal, oh but you have high cholesterol"

really?? is that not a symptom of low thyroid?????

no chance of an increase then....or even a chat with the doctor....did she check my iron? i have no idea...but im starting to take spatone to see if that helps :)

was so annoyed i forgot to ask for the actual figures!

oh yes, and the receptionist added "you may want to look at your diet"


rant over!

sorry for hijacking your question ;)


Bringing the UK upper limit on TSH to 3 or so would stop all this 'Thyroid is Normal' rubbish!

About time we joined the first world on this instead of limping along like the 3rd version.


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