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Good GP in North London

After some years of feeling pretty dreadful, I am now well. I've also got loads and loads of new hairs growing after having had several bouts of severe hairloss with constant moderate hairloss in between.

So, I obviously want to stay on my current daily meds, which are:

2 capsules probiotics - 70 billion total

100 mcg Levo

20 mcg T3

5,000 IU vit D3

250mg magnesium

5mg micronised sublingual DHEA

2 capsules of Alline Procap (please see below for details) *

3 capsules iron bis-glycenate 25mg each

2 vitamin C wafers 1g vit C each

I am currently medically insured in Germany and Belgium, and treated by doctors in those countries, but am probably moving to North London (Crouch End) this summer. Could anyone recommend a GP? I suspect the main potential problems on the NHS could be the T3 and DHEA.

Thanks ever so much!

* Alline Procap:

Ingredients per 2 capsules

Keratine: 500 mg

Iron: 14 mg (iron gluconate, 100% RDI)

Zinc: 10 mg (zinc gluconate, 100% RDI)

Copper: 1 mg (copper gluconate, 100% RDI)

ß-carotene: 4,8 mg (100% RDI)

Vitamin B1: 1,1 mg (thiamine hydrochloride, 100% RDI)

Vitamin B2: 1,4 mg (riboflavin, 100% RDI)

Vitamin B3: 16 mg (nicotinic acid, 100% RDI)

Vitamin B5: 6 mg (calcium D-pantothenate, 100% RDI),

Vitamin B6: 1,4 mg (pyridoxine hydrochloride, 100% RDI)

Vitamin B8: 50 µg (D-biotin, 100% RDI)

Vitamin B9: 200 µg (folic acid, 100% RDI)

Vitamin C: 80 mg (L-sodium ascorbate, 100% RDI)

Vitamin E: 12 mg (D-alpha tocopheryl hydrogenosuccinate, 100% RDI),

100% inactivated Saccharomyces cerevisiae: 473 mg

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You may be lucky and get a GP who will prescribe T3. The fact that you are already on T4 and T3 and in good health. If he doesn't agree tell him you are very reluctant to change your medication as you are now well. Some will prescribe the addition of T3.

Good luck.


T3 can be a problem unless prescribed by an endocrinologist, but not all GP practices are difficult about it. I don't know anything about DHEA but if you can't get it prescribed you can buy online and import it (ditto T3 and NDT).

Generic Levothyroxine is prescribed.Supplements aren't prescribed other than for deficiencies. If you're low in range you self supplement.

I don't live in Crouch End so can't recommend a GP surgery.


Thanks for your replies.

I was deficient in everything I now supplement, except for some of the ingredients of Alline Procap. Some were way out of range, others slightly, but none in the normal range when I went on them. For example, my ferritin was 16 and German HPs say hairloss can occur when it's < 70. Of course now the results would be normal. I've got print outs of my tests and will take them to the new doc.

North London generally and also SW London Kingston etc would be fine for a T3 friendly doctor. Surely thyroid uk must know of one??

Yes, I realise you can buy T3 etc online, and I do buy certain things online, but I want my thyroid meds and DHEA on prescription. I also want my blood tested properly. Otherwise I'll see my present docs when we visit Bel/Ger, but having a local one would be better and easier.

I also prefer to stick to the same brand of Levo. Clutter, are you saying that isn't how it's done? At least they prescribe it though :-)

Thanks again for your replies.

Thyroid uk, please can you give me the name of a T3 friendly GP in N or SW London?


If you have difficulties finding an NHS GP then I could give you the name of a private GP in Hendon who I see and who does prescribe T3. He is a Hormone specialist so I would imagine he could prescribe DHEA too.


Oh my, that would be FANTASTIC. I'll be reliant on the NHS in general due to having to look for work when we first move back, but to have someone in London I could see would be a very comforting idea. I'll send you a PM.

Thank you sooooo much,




I would try and stock up on your meds as much as possible before you come here. It might be quite a while before you find someone to prescribe what you are taking at the moment. Most GPs will probably start by giving you a blood test and then rediagnose you and change your prescriptions. Be prepared to fight your corner!

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Thanks for your reply......... YIKES! :-(

It's good to be warned, but that was what I was hoping to avoid.

I'm so happy with my two doctors here, and will certainly stock up on those particular meds. Each prescription is for 100 tablets ie 100 days. I could get three at least of each med for a year's worth.

Doctors in England sound like disrespectful dictators. ( I am actually English, but haven't lived there for 22 years, more or less half my life in fact).

If my blood levels are normal, which they should be now, how can they re-diagnose me? Would they not accept diagnoses made by Belgian or German doctors?

This is exactly why I want a T3 friendly doc who is respectful of their patients and not some dictator who decides everything based on some financially motivated conservative belief.

I'd rather avoid a stressful fight, if possible!


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