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Folic acid update

Well I've been taking folic acid for about a week and a half, and surprise suprise I still feel yuk. The pins and needles r still the same in my hands and feet, and I cud still sleep the clock round. I've order b12 vitamins myself to see if that makes a difference, and my blood test results r taking ages cos I've just had to change docs, never mind, at least the suns out :) xx

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It might be the B12 that is the problem rather than just the folic acid. They both work together. I seem to remember reading about it being important to take at least as much B12 when taking folic acid or it could make things worse due to a buildup of some chemical or other (sorry, my brain has given up for the day).

If you think you may have a B12 deficiency, please look into pernicious anaemia. B12 tests aren't as useful as you might think. They only give a very rough guide as to whether there might be a problem.


CarolynB got there before me! I was just about to say the same thing.

Folic acid masks B!2 deficiency in the blood test results. So, people that have B12 deficiency (or the autoimmune type B12 deficiency called Pernicious Anaemia) it can go undiagnosed if they take folic acid.

The damage from B12 deficiency which can affect the nerve endings and causes (amongst other symptoms) pins and needles and even nerve pain still continues.

Have you been tested yet for B12? If you haven't I suggest you do as many people with autoimmune thyroid disease can also suffer from pernicious anaemia and need injections of B12. Others with just low levels of B12 not caused by autoimmune often take sublingual B12 tablets.

If you do get tested for B12 you must clear the folic acid from your system first or you can get false results. I'm sorry but I don't know how long that takes but someone else with more knowledge may be able to help. The Pernicious Anaemia Society Web site is a good place to learn about B12 deficiency and there is also a HealthUnlocked community.

Hope this helps and you get the answer to your problems soon.


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