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What is T5? I have not heard of it before

I have been asked privately if T5 can help someone who is hypothyroid to lose weight. I know that losing weight is difficult unless we are optimally treated, but what on earth is T5? Have I been living in outer space or something? Is it anything at all to do with thryoid hormones as one website claims? or is is a 'herbal' slimming aid as other sites claim? Can anyone help?

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I've never heard of it. I wonder if they meant T3. I will have a look though. Perhaps I have missed something too!

Carolyn x

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T5 is a stimulant (apparently similar to ephidrine) and nothing to do with thyroid. It could actually be detrimental or even dangerous if you don't know what it is and how to take safely (if there is such a thing as "safely"). It is often marketed for weight loss or fat loss for bodybuilders. I wouldn't recommend it personally. If they are having to give it the name T5 to lend it some legitimacy, I doubt it is sensible to take it. It seems to be discussed on sites that also advocate use of anabolic steroids.

Hope that helps


I suspected that, to be truthful.. The person concerned is desperate to lose weight - aren't most of us - I feel sad for her. I have already said it could give her palpitations. - I saw the ephedrine connection and though 'uh-oh'.


She would be better taking T3 if anything but of course that is prescription-only and many doctors don't realise how important it can be for hypothyroid patients to be healthy :(


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