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Using the Search and Tag function

I was hoping the change to the site would improve the search facility but unless I am doing something wrong, the search box at the top right hand side finds words in all the HealthUnlocked communities - even ones I am not a member of! Tags also find posts in all communities. I have tried restricting to Thyroid UK but no joy. Early days.....

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Oh dear :(

Lets hope they sort it out soon!


That is something I have noticed - that all HU comunities have a common log-in screen and you keep losing TUK Support and going back to the common screen. Also, I can't find a way of searching tags, or finding a previous post and going to it. There are quite a few teething problems.


I don't like this common front screen. I belong to 4 communities but don't frequent the others often. It is really annoying that, when I log in, I don't go straight to Thyroid UK :(


Me too.x


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