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Vitamin D Guidance from Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry

I found this really excellent fact sheet on vitamin D, including reference ranges that your doctor probably isn't using, and advice on how much and what type of supplements to take. My level has just come back in the low 50's, which my Endo has said is "fine". However according to this document I would be classed as "insufficient". Apologies if it's been posted before:


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Thank you for the article.

Reference ranges for vitamin D (25 0HD)

Barts and the London NHS Trust currently report 25(OH)

D2 and 25(OH)D3 levels separately. The total 25 OH D

concentration (25(OH)D2+25(OH)D3) defines the Vitamin D


<30 nmol/l deficient

30-80 nmol/l insufficient

81-220 nmol/l replete / normal

221-500 nmol/l high

>500 nmol/l toxicity

The above ranges are interesting , I fall in the 30-80nmol/l replete /normal range. I am taking calcium but do feel the affect of insufficiency, my bones have become brittle, if I walk into something, it simply kills!


Sorry, deleted my daft comment because you obviously do need to take calcium for your bones. Maybe discuss the above ranges with your doctor, as taking vit D will help you absorb the calcium better?



My new level is also in the 50's and it even said on the drs screen insufficient, but it's fine to stop taking. I'm going to continue as I'm still very tired and have seen a difference in the pains in my bones, definitely less now.


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