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my neck

I still feel very tired and joint achy, been back to work felt trembly afterwards. i dont do full time work anymore. i am a nurse in nhs so i feel sorry for us all that we are left feeling like this. i just notice this morning that the left side of my neck is bigger than the other. there is no obvious lump but is clearly seen. I think i notice everything now. Few days ago I nearly choke trying to eat cholcolate. Has also been couging ang i feel like my neck is pushed on the side. It is like having sore throat. My mood swing is so bad and I just want to be alone. I`m becoming anti social.

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Hi Jenrio,

Have you been checked for an enlarged thyroid/nodules? Not very nice for you - hope you feel better soon.

Jenni x


I would definitely get that checked and maybe and x-ray or MRI scan, just to check that you don't have a cyst or something that is causing your neck to push to one side. I guess an enlarged thyroid could cause swallowing problems, but to be safe you don't want to miss something else.

Mood swings can definitely be thyroid, so can being tired, achy and trembly. Ask for a thyroid scan as well. Goodness, you are employee of the NHS, that ought to count for something - they need you.


ty all. i got a same day appt to my surgery this pm hopefully the gp will be willing to read my wholepage of symptom.


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