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Exhaustion - day 4

Have a bit more strength today but feeling dizzy, shaky and heart palpitations after any activity. Managed to make a cup of tea this morning yay!

Did the light in eye test last night for low adrenals, ow! And my eye is still hurting this morning, to the point of needing pain killers! Clearly ocillating pupil, and my temp was 35.7 before I managed to get out of bed.

I have amazing friends who are picking me up every day and making sure I eat. I'm not good company tho, lol. Living alone like this is impossible, I don't know what I would do without them.

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I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly :(

Your adrenals do sound like they are in a bad state. Have you looked on the web for information on adrenal fatigue? One of the main things needed for recovery is rest. Even if you can't sleep, resting with your feet up will help. There is some evidence to suggest that laughing (not easy when you feel so bad!) and joy of any sort can help restore DHEA levels. Perhaps put your feet up for the day and sit in the sun with a good book (if you can concentrate) or watch your favourite comedy. Sleep when you can too. Try to remove stress from your life if you can. If you can't remove them, try to deal with them (again, very hard when you are not well!)

Avoiding caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and sugar can also help your adrenals recover. Taking good amounts of vitamins and minerals (careful with iodine and iron unless you know you need them), especially vitamin C, can help. You may also want to consider an adrenal glandular supplement. I used Nutri Adrenal and it helped me. Not everyone gets on with it though, so you might find you need a cortex-only adrenal glandular if you don't get on with it.

If you are up to it, gentle exercise (like a gentle walk) can help but it must be gentle and should be followed by rest with your feet up.

Taking sea salt also helps. I don't know a great deal about this (I tend to use salt anyway) so it would be worth looking it up.

Rest, rest and more rest! Look after yourself and accept any help you are given. Perhaps, as you recover, you will be able to enjoy things and then this will also help you to recover.

Others may suggest other things to help too. I'm sure I must have missed out something ;)

Do you feel that you are on enough thyroid medication? If you have adrenal issues you may be better with T3. I know many doctors won't prescribe it but it is worth asking because some will.

Take care. I hope you start to feel better soon. Remember not to push it if you start feeling better. You still need that rest!

Carolyn xxx


Thanks Carolyn

I'm not capable of exercise, just making that tea was like climbing everest.

Removing stress is not an option. It's a long story (and not for here), but have to see court appointed liquidator on the 15th. I am VERY concerned how this meeting is going to effect my health, or even if I'm going to manage to get there. I have mountains of information to get together for him (just not up to it). He will not postpone.

I am taking vitamins and B12 and other than getting into/out of friends car, haven't moved for 3 days. Cant read because light hurts and cant hold book for more than a few mins.



:( Then the best thing you can do is to rest and ask your friends to help. Hopefully, when this is over, you will be able to recover better. No wonder you are feeling so poorly!

Can you listen to audio books? If someone can get to the library for you, you could maybe borrow some. There may even be some free ones on the internet.

I hope you get a chance to recover soon



Try here for free audio books. If you don't have an mp3 player or phone that can play them, you should be able to play them on your PC using media player.

Hope that helps xxx


Thanks Carolyn

Listening to the tennis up till now. Was wondering what to do from tomorrow. Will defo do this.



Glad I could help. I really hope you start to recover soon xxx


I am sorry for your situation, stress does not help. I once had low potassium and had just your symptoms: weakness, lassitude, palpitations, and more weakness, erupting on minimal activity. How is your potassium level? Read about it on this link:


I have no idea. Will ask for test when i c gp in week


Thank you for this link :-)

I am seeing the Endo on Thursday and I'm hoping for a solution ... I don't know what tests I have had done but it its alot.

Potassium was mentioned during a conversation so hopefully they have but if these tests mentioned in the link haven't been included I am going to have them checked.

Thanks Lynn


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