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Fish and nodules

Hi I have been diagnosed for hashimotos disease 01/12, and I have multi nodules on my thyroid it common for fish and seafood the affect the nodules/thyroid. I also recently had a result from hospital saying I have T3 toxicosis with a completely supressed TSH. I am going to see and ENT on Monday (person who found hashis) and ask to have my thyroid removed. I am very symptomatic and my condition is not being treated. The results were from an endo visit. I have to wait 3 months to go back and see her which is far too long. I have enough to deal with because I also have other autoimmune diseases AIH and PBC both liver related. Just feel so unwell ans symptoms very different from the liver conditions.


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Most seafood is relatively high in iodine. Iodine intake can affect nodules.

Fish thyroids are not simple, single glands in the neck:

I have often wondered how much thyroid hormone there might be in certain fish.

I really do not have much advice or guidance for you - I feel it is better for me to shut up than plough ahead making wild guesses.



Dear Conniefused,

Have you seen this (it was posted awhile ago by someone from this group)

video of Dr Sherry Tenpenny’s presentation (thyroid stuff):

If not, I'd urge you to watch it before getting anything surgically removed. For me it was an eye opener along with some books.

I was suspecting Hashimotos for myself as symptoms over 13 years have varied between hyper-hypo-hyper, but blood tests excluded that last year. An ultrasound of neck though showed a multinodular goitre. I was hesitating long and hard, and researching, if iodine supplement would make me worse or better, but in the end started to take it: 6.25mg of iodine per day (ProThera's Iodine Complex).

As I suffer from multiple health conditions myself, I wanted to share with you the following for liver support - maybe you are using them already?:

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) - is a powerful antioxidant, and among other things, exceptionally potent as a protector and regenerator of liver tissue. I take it in capsule form every day, but for example flax seed oil contains it as well. ALA was isolated from liver tissue in 1951. It turns out that human cells, especially in the liver, naturally produce ALA, although as we grow older we make less and less of it.

Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum) - has a wide range of actions, much of it on the liver. It stimulates the regeneration of damaged liver tissue and will tonify, restore and normalize liver function. It will reduce liver and spleen inflammation and is particularly useful in combination with red root. Milk thisle is spcifically indicated in cirrhosis or severe liver impairment, acute or chronic hepatitis, elevated liver enzymes, bile insufficiency, liver or spleen inflammation, feelings of abdominal pressure, fatigue, poor appetite. This herb is one of the most extensively studied in clinical trial. Milk thistle is a food-grade herb=it is about as dangerous as potatoes!

(source: Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections by Stephen H. Buhner)

I have sent some Dr Stuart's Liver Detox tea to someone who was very ill and heavily treated for hepatitis, the person said that this tea helped him to relax and sleep better.

Kind regards


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