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Addison's disease

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Has anyone on here got under active thyroid and Addison's?

I went to my endcronine appointment yesterday and was tested for Addison's

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You will find a lot of mentions of adrenal issues. It is a bone of contention between patients and medics.

The medical establishment is fine about the idea of out-and-out Addison's. They are often perfectly content with the idea of adrenal insufficiency. But they are very unhappy and unwilling to take on board what many "alternative" health people call adrenal fatigue.

I am very glad you are being tested but be aware that if you are not diagnosed with Addison's then they might dismiss any concerns at all about your adrenals.


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elements in reply to helvella

That explains alot as having been referred to an endo later wrote to my gp stating he had a low suspicion i had hypoadrenalism quite frankly i have never heard of it before - asking me stupid questions that i could not answered due to the brain fog - i am only after completing an online questionnaire that states i should see a doctor immediately as i have severe hypoadrenalism which i believe is more accurate. But your correct if you don't have an ability on the day to answer there questions or they consider you as not fitting there label of diagnosis then they will dismiss you!

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sewfossy in reply to helvella

I too had addisons ruled out. Think my morning cortisol was 325 but no range in printout. Recent reflexology pinpointed my adrenals as a problem area & I feel my body overreacts to the least amount of stress. My reflexologist suggested trying Bach Rescue Remedy until my next appointment.

I have hypothyroidism and Addison disease, Addison's is a very rare disease and hard to detect it took doctors 18 months to diagnose this, i was diagnosed 4 years ago with this and it not hereditary they don't know how people get it. They say you don't have the 3 F NO FLIGHT, FREIGHT OR FIGHT, SO YOU DONT GET THE ADRENALINE RUSH. I am on hydrocortisone, for the additions, and fludrocortisone for low blood pressure as well as all my other meds, if you felt tired with under active thyroid by Christ you are dog tired with Addison's and have chronic fatigue with Addison's, you have to be very careful with this disease as you have NO immune system. it has took me all of 2 years to understand all what is necessary to stay on top of it, and even now I get frustrated with how it rules my life.

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Jbsa70 in reply to LACLARKEY


I just got diagnosis of Addison's and I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism too (have been treated for Hashimoto for 35 years now) Jana

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swalls48 in reply to LACLARKEY

Politely, this information is false. The adrenaline response is produced by the inner portion of the adrenal gland (adrenal medulla) and is often un-effected by the autoimmune attack of addison disease. Adrenaline is the short-term stress hormone...cortisol is the long-term. It is important to understand the distinction between the two. Lack of adrenaline is a different disease altogether with a much bleaker prognosis. Addison disease involves the adrenal cortex (outer portion of gland).

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LesleyB17 in reply to LACLARKEY

I couldn't agree more. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for forty-nine years, then the Hypothyroidism appeared quickly followed by Addison's Disease. You feel exhausted and often dizzy and nauseous for no apparent reason. You do pick up everything, coughs, colds, Flu and they all affect your Addison's.

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swalls48 in reply to LesleyB17

Lesley...i believe the proper term for your condition is Polyglandular Autoimmune Disorder. It involves clinical addison disease+hashimoto+ diabetis mellitus. I will include my favorite resources on the causation of this group of disorders.

If you suspect you have Addison disease refer to this text to learn more on "Early Detection and Treatment Principles". This is the single, best resource I have found for a newly diagnosed patient. You will not be disappointed by this one!

If you currently have Addison Disease and suspect your treatment could be modified for better results consult this resource.

***Pay attention to information highlighting the possible under-treatment with mineralcorticoid therapy. I have a theory that many patients are prescribed too much Glucocorticoids and not enough Mineralcorticoids. The excess GCs will mask the need for increased MCs in bloodwork. Excess GCs will cause Cushings like symptoms.

For information involving the genetic/hereditary nature of Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndromes consult here:

For a quality case report on Schmidts syndrome (PAS Type II) see here:

For a interesting look at the relation of EPO deficiency and autoimmune disorders see here:


I payed £161.00 for tests for Cortisol (morning fasting) and ACTH. Test results were 262 for Cortisol and 15 for ACTH. Spoke to Dr Chandy (who is brilliant) he stated I do have Addisons Disease. Other results have always been low: Ferritin and Folate. And I do have Under Active Thyroid.

What I am worried about is my GP's reaction. I feel so very ill at the moment. I am taking Iron tabs, Thyroid s (from Thailand) amd have vit B12 injections every 8 wks, but do administer my own dose (re: Dr Chandy) which has helped.

Please help,


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humanbean in reply to Booblet

Hi gillandandy,

Your post is likely to get overlooked because you have posted it at the end of a thread which is one year old. Since you are so ill it is very important you get the help you need. Please post again in a new question and people are more likely to see your post and give you the help they can.

Hi, I have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism and Addison's Disease.


My son had his first appointment at Alder Hey in Liverpool on the 18th September and he has been put on 25mircograms of levothyroxine to start, the specialist asked for him to go in for more tests and I have just had the appointment letter and it says on there that they are doing a synacthen test. So am presuming she suspects Addison's disease am gutted for him as he's only 12!

These conditions, in coexistence, are together called Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome Type I. Most doctors do not understand the relation between the two or even know what PAS is. If you would like more information regarding this topic please contact me. I have compiled some of the best resources from across the web.

P.S. - I have this condition myself as well as Pernicious Anaemia.

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