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More blood tests - anything to avoid?

Doctor today has put me in for more blood tests, including repeating all the borderline and high or low results along with a few extras. Not sure exactly what all of them will be but do know it'll include TSH and FT4 due to the last results I had of them. The test isn't until 9.40 Monday morning. Is there anything I need to avoid to make sure te reading is as accurate as possible? Any and all suggestions gratefully recieved. :)

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If you're on thyroid medication then don't take them that morning before the test as it can cause a spike in the results.

Totoro x


Not on medication. I take paracetamol for the pain, acid reflux tablets and was on anti-biotics, but they should be clear by Monday since they stopped on Friday. Just wondered if there was any food or drink I should avoid.


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