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Help before next blood test please

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism two years ago and was until a month ago on just 50 mg of thyroxine but after spending a winter of being cold and tired and then it not getting better when weather finally improved decided I needed something to change!

So Dr agreed to blood test and my results were TSH 1.2 and T4 9.8

Both on low side but in normal range but did get my dose upped to 75mg

This has helped with the feeling cold but not with the constant tiredness, due to be retested in a week or so and realise from reading on here that I could do with more of a range of tests being done so can you say what I could reasonably ask for and would be useful?

It is all quite complex but really don't want to be so lacking in energy, I am 43 but feel more like 73 some days!!

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It sounds like ur not on the right dose of thyroxine. Im 46 & been taking it for ten years. Am now on 175mcg per day and finally feel alive!


A 'normal' dose is more in the range 125-175 mcg thyroxine (although they do vary greatly from this range), and when on thyroxine you should be looking for a very low in range or below range TSH. You don't give your test ranges, but I presume you have scope to increase the T4 significantly, so I reckon you probably need a reasonable increase. Can you ask to see an endocrinologist if the GP is reluctant - there is a fear among many GPs about making people hyper, but the endos are slightly more clued up on this. Also, a T3 test would help, along with vitamin B12, D and iron. If these are all OK (and for B12 that means over 500 not just within range), try starting a multivitamin too as this could help. I'm 44 and feel better than I did 10 years ago, now taking 150 mcg thyroxine only. They kept me on 100mcg for years, refusing to increase, then when I did things got so much better!!

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