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Feeling better and managed to increase Armour

I haven't been able to increase my Armour to more than 1/4 grain on alternate days without feeling very ill. My ferritin levels were 30 which is within range but low. I had been taking Spatone but now I am taking a liquid iron supplement and I am feeling so much better.

Also I am now taking 1/4 grain for 2 days then Nutri Thyroid for the 3rd and repeating this. Next I am going to try Armour every day.

I have an appointment with Dr P on the 15th as well so I am feeling very positive.

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excellent, little 'baby mouse' steps in the right direction :D

am happy to hear this :) xxx


Hello mouse, this is good news indeed...I think iron is soooo important....I just had some iron injections and they too have helped me raise the ndt...Best wishes, Katey xxx


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