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Fed Up!!

Waited all morning for GP to ring, I was hoping he would up my meds. He didn't call 'till 1.30. A month on 20mcg.T3 and 100mcg T4 although I feel better I am still very low and stressed.I'm not sleeping well because of the stress and basal temps average 36."So how are you" he says,so I tell him"Fine" he says "Keep to the same prescription for the next few months and see how you go."Do I do as I'm told or up my meds myself? So fed up with it all. (Sorry to moan.)

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oldestnewest long have you been on the T4/T3 combo ? It takes a little time for things to improve - especially if you have been poorly for quite some time. Maybe the T4 is not suiting you and that in time you may be better with just T3. Perhaps I should read your earlier posts to see WIGO - what is going on !

Hope you soon feel less fed up soon ! :-)


Thanks Marz,I was feeling very stressed but feeling much calmer now. Just had reflexology,I was told my body was very tense and my brain glands(?) were enlarged. This means my brain doesn't know day from night,hence not sleeping well. I must learn to take "me time". So lets see how it goes.xx


...good to hear ! Am sure it will all go well. Reflexology is amazing !


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