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NHS Complaints Procedure following reorganisation of PCT's!

So ... we now have CCG's and I assumed that they would be the next step following dissatisfaction with GP Surgery's response to my complaint.

I e-mailed the local CCG to ask the name of the person to whom I should address this to. After 2 weeks they e-mailed stating rather vaguely that I should contact PALS.

Fail to understand how PALS would deal with this so have now e-mailed NHS England as per the complaints advice on the NHS website.

Anyone else been through this recently? Really don't want to phone the surgery concerned. It's almost as if they don't want people to complain!!!

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Hi cinnamon_girl, Have you looked on our website?


Thanks Lyn. I don't understand why there isn't a standard procedure throughout the country and it seems to me that CCG's are purely for commissioning. The area that this particular CCG covers has a very large population.

Think I'll phone the surgery.


CCG do only commission services, there is another layer now called something else then there is CAGs they have made everything 10 times more complicated than it was before. Also some GP surgerys are now run by Virgin Care so might be worth looking there too or asking the surgery if they are run by Virgin. Hope you sort your problem out.


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