Who is that person,

I do not recognise that old looking person looking back at me in the mirror the pale puffy tired looking face with the dark rimmed dull eyes, dry thin dull hair, large swollen neck, the person who just wants to sleep all the time, and be left alone, how and when did this all happen, I want me back the energetic bubbly person who loved life with the sparkly eyes and glossy hair, is it too much to ask, will I ever be the old me again

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  • Hi tatty10 i feel exactly the same think we need to take a before and after picture to endo and see what this illness has done to us all i hate my face its puffy broken vains looks like i havent slept for months well i havent slept properly for weeks now. Hopefully we will get better but getting back to who we were before i dont think i,ll ever get there best wishes x

  • Hi Lifeback, i just did not realise what was happening to me, when I look at photos from a couple of years ago I have aged 20 plus years and it makes me feel so down, and sometimes angry with myself for letting this happen, I have been fit and healthy all my life untill now,and its so frustrating feeling like this, take care x

  • Keep positive, it takes a while particularly if you like me left it a long time before getting a diagnosis. Once your levels are better all the symptoms will start to resolve but it does take some time if you have been low for a while. Your description sounds just like I was two years ago. It took a while but I do look and feel like the old me now. I still need my 8 hours sleep and get cold easily but otherwise doing pretty well

  • Thanks i will try, seeing my endo next week hopefully for a date for thyroidectomy

  • This is a shit condition thats all I say and doctors don't even know how to treat this shit condition :o( !!!

  • Hi, this is so crappy isn't it???? I try not to even look anymore. It just happens without realising. I hate to tell you, but I had a thyroidectomy nearly 2 years Go, and it is worse now. Just can't stick this anymore! I hope you have better luck. X

  • You will get yourself back again once your meds are optimised and you find the right ones that work for you. Levo was rubbish for me so now I'm trying NDT.

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