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My G.P. just shouted at me!

Ok so I told him that I know I'm hypothyroid as I have so many symptoms of low thyroid.......low Ferritin, aches, pains, lethargic, constant infections & now bad acid refux. I told him I'd had half my thyroid removed & my blood tests were borderline. T.S.H. 5 T4 9 T3 2.5 I got shouted at & told my blood tests were normal & my Ferritin was normal at 30.

I told him I was going to see a private endo as he wouldn't help me & I got told that no endo in the land would prescribe thyroxine to me while I was in the normal thyroid band. My GP disputed the fact that acid reflux, constant bladder infections & low ferritin were linked to hypothyroidism. Tell me how many of you have any of these symptoms!!!

He said I can live perfectly well with only half a thyroid although my T4 has halved since my op & my T.S.H. is only just within my G.P.s guidelines of 5.5.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has managed to be prescribed Thyroxine when their blood results are within the N.H.S. guidelines but their symptoms indicate hypothyroidism.

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I am shocked, and my immediate reaction is, can you change doctors? Not very caring. I'm afraid I can't help with levels, as my TSH was 74 when diagnosed.

Best of luck

Jenni x


You need to change GP Pronto .

Wishing you all the Best


Your GP is a rude ****. Sadly he is a member of an international club.

Your TSH is too high. I still felt **** when mine fell to 2.5. It is currently 0.2.

Your T4 is below my lab's range ( 12.0 - 25.0)

Your T3 is also below range (my lab's 3.1 - 6.9)

Ask him, if he were treating you with thyroxine, what level of TSH he would be aiming for? Ask him why your T4 and T3 are below range. Ask him if he is certain that your pituitary is working effectively enough to produce the required level of TSH. Ask him which of those hormones are active in your body and how they are produced and what they do.

Put your questions in writing and send it to him. The process of answering might just make him stop and think (ok, I know, doctors don't think). He might realise that if your T3 and T4 are below range then you are simply not producing enough TSH to stimulate your thyroid to produce the T4 you need.

If he persists in being a member of the extensive "can't be bothered" club, then consider making an appointment to see or telephone Dr P. You can also purchase thyroid glandular supplements online which could help you. It's what I do, going on Dr P's advice. My GP has no idea what I'm taking. He is of the fond belief that 50mg of thyroxine has reduced my TSH from 5.6 to 0.2 and raised my T3 to 23.9. It wouldn't take an Einstein to realise that is unlikely. But hey, why think if your patient is avoiding you. (Actually, last time I saw my GP, he was disproportionately pleased with himself for having thought of asking for a Vit D test, this was when he saw that Dr P had written that I should consider taking Vit D!)


Thanks Rosetrees. Who is doctor P & do you see him privately?

I've just phoned up to see a private endo & I was quoted the price of £200 per hour plus the costs of blood tests & scans. At that price I'm just going to have to suffer!

Also please could you elaborate on thyroid glandular supplements?

Many thanks


I just sent you a PM with Dr P's details. woops - missed your question about glandulars. Will PM you about those too.


Sorry for butting in here rosetrees, but could you PM me too about glandulars . Would they help or hinder me? I am at present on 75/100mcg of levothyroxine only, taken on alternate days. Many thanks...

Jen x


Hello Hooper. I can't advise anyone on whether they would help or not. I'm not a doctor or a therapist of any kind. I can only tell people my own experience. I've PM'd you to tell you more.


Sorry, forgot to ask you the exact website for this product so that I can purchase the same product. Please advise which one you buy. Thanks


I use Nutri thyroid - you can get it here

They also sell Nutri Adrenal Extra (which I take) and nutri adrenal (which I no longer take). Just be aware that some people find them hard to tolerate at first. Start on a low dose and work up if you find it helps. If you find you react, back off and try again.


...and he's wrong, because I was only borderline (5ish) and was prescribed a trial dose of t4 and referred to an endo. This was all under duress mind, not because my gp is particularly caring or anything.

I had previously had a tsh of 30ish, but I didn't want to go on levo and struck out on my own to see if there was any other way to treat uat. When I came back my tsh was only around 5 and even after the previous tests revealed without a doubt that I had uat, my gp initially refused to treat it on the basis of my current tests.

My point is that even some stubborn and underinformed doctors can still be persuaded to prescribe. So your gp is wrong about that.

Change doctors. Good luck.


It's a long running issue, that of subclinical HT not being addressed.

I had to get a private test done, showing my TSH above range, before my GP would prescribe Levo.

This site is a bit garish and shows both the current basis for NHS guidelines -and many points as to why this is wrong.

If you can print out the whole thing , or just parts of note for your GP - it may help.[or not!]

Mine did ask for references to data I gave her, though.

To summarise what's said there :-

People have a personal level of TSH spanning [only] 0.75Miu/l ;

95% of euthyroids [healthy] have TSH 0.3-2.5 Miu/l;

TSH of 3 -10 gives a higher level of CardioVascular risk;

High TPO Ab [present in tests] increases this risk again.

PS: Please remember to give reference ranges on here- for your readings to be understood better.


Very sadly this happens a lot! My daughter and husband had to go private. The private doctor diagnosed hypothyroidism and prescribed thyroid replacement, but the GP STILL refused help. If you decide to take this route this list from the main Thyroid UK website might help with your choice:

Jane x


GPs do not understand thyroid issues & don't want to sadly. Thank you for your reply x


My tsh was 2-37 and I was given a trial of eltroxin, it is up to the go to treat or not to treat. X


TSH 2-37 - Shome mishtook ?


Gp sorry error on response.


Gp sorry error on response.


There are times I would love to pop out of nothing and slap a big custard pie and shouting suprise this is NORMAL TOO, in any Drs face; that does this stuck record impression of its NORMAL.


Ha ha! Lol x


No doctor should shout at a patient. It is contrary to Good Medical Practice where it states that a doctor MUST treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity and treat patients politely and considerately.

in my view it is important to complain about his behaviour. The point of complaining is to improve the service you receive. After all, you are paying for these services, so you should expect courteous treatment.You can write to the Clinical Commissioning Group.

Even if you don't get redress yourself, the doctor will think twice about shouting at you or any other patient again.

You cant be de-listed simply for complaining so don't be afraid of that.

The doctor shouldn't put things like "difficult patient" in your notes. You can look at your notes to find out if he does. Don't be afraid of that either.


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