TSH 5.67 FT4 3.8. FT3 2.9

VERY VERY VERY GRUMPY ASI HAD WRITTENA VERY LONG BLOG WITH A N IMMUNE REPORT FROM THE IMMUNOLOGIST EXPLAINING EVERYTHING,, AND IT WOULD NOT SEND- SOMETIMES THIS SITE REALLY GETS ON MY WICK, AFTER 8 WASTED YEARS AT A LONDON HOSP, THEN i saw dr m who said i was very low in in adrenals and thyroid, put me on loads, ----armour , -thyroid support stuff with iodine- thyroxine ,preg and dhea, all would have been well but i went totally hyper an dthe trembling was so fierce my whole nervous system went ballistic, i am stUck witha dysfunctional nervous sytem now, anyway i then wentto another proff who took me off everything so i had no meds from nov2011 til june 2012 when i was given 20mcg t3 only. my endo left, isaw another he said he would have to up it or give t4 too-- i dIdnt get it he left as well. but he had copied all the old notes and said my bp was normal , and i was clinically eurthyroid or however you say it, that my cortisol was normal, pulse nornal all normal and i am not! i wrote ---i got a letter from yet another endo--- agreeing i should have t4,- for amonth i have taken 20mcgt4 and 20t3. no wonder my hair has gone, my iron are in range but on th e low end except b12. now that the immune tests are back the immune doc wrote thyroid ABNORMAL----- reading above-----DOES ANYONE KNOW OF DECENT ENDO IN LONDON OR AM I BEING STUPID TO ASK? I NEED TO CHANGE , ASAP. THANKS.

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  • Admin here have a list of useful contacts in thyroid treatment, some in London.

    Can you post just your immune antibody result[s] -like TPOAb & Thyroglobulin, that you refer to?


  • I also spent over hour trying to reply to question/PMing somebody - all disappeared into the ether, practically biting carpet in rage as can't do it again no time as some have to sort out case of idiot driver (male) who bashed my car all way down offside other day, exactly same as another idiot driver (also male) 2 years ago came out of side road ignoring road markings caught up with me innocently driving along main road enjoying sunny day, ground along car offside, bashing metal, grinding off paint, took solid YEAR to resolve case as insurance company also tried to cheat me (buckled under when I said FOS would be very interested in their attitude/response) when their appointed repair outfit screwed up repairs twice, two inspections to agonise through, second one glibly missed out important point, was looking after aged mother no time, could scream. perhaps better negative energy release tactic as carpet not very appetising.

    Merissa, you are being completely messed around. All that and a site gone bananas is too much to bear, don't know how you manage to hold yourself together.

    I hope you finally find somebody to listen to you and give an intelligent response.

  • MERRISA????

  • Wrong name -SORRY!!! What was I thinking of? Stress from life events. sorry again.

  • hey no worries, i know what it is like. :) xx

  • hi and as for holdin g myself together- i dont anymore-- i am writing to my new endo who i have not yet met and told him i am sick of being left neglected and that i wasted 8 years at barts. i also wrote earlier on to him after two endos left, and suggested that i had an adrenal crisis that no one recognised an dthat i ticked all the boxes and more, an d i really do not care now what they think, even if i am wrong. i have lost 15 years, and since 2007 i have not be functional ,its my life and my life had been wasted , now i am looking old before my time and no hair to boot., fatty arbuckle, believe me i am about to explode. it has taken an immune doc to tell me that my thyroid is abnormal. which i knew already---barts told me after 8 years that i didnt have an endocrine prob at all and i have pcos for a start!---plus i have been sent to shrink and told i have a health anxity and i have been told i am a hypocondriac... well it is NOT THE NHS, we need it -- it is the peopel who work for the nhs who let the nhs down. no little miss subserviant is not so subby now!!!

  • pettals, might this link and the free and impartial second opinions offered by a group of doctors be of use to you?


  • Hi Pettals, Send me an email and I'll send you our list. enquiries@thyroiduk.org

  • yes have sent you a message lyn on your PM. THNAKS.

  • PS Your levels show that you are underactive and need more than you are on...

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