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Joint and muscle pain with Carbimazole

Carbimazole and joint pain. I have been on Carbi for 18 moths now and my levels are now back to normal, I am due to have a blood test this week to see if I can come of it, I have had tests which have shown inflamation in my joints (ESR) my joints are very painfull and my muscles sometimes feels like they have just been punched, I have also been on Naproxen for the inflamation and pain but it doesnt help much at all. Im really hoping that the cause is from Carbimazole and I am able to come of it soon. Question is for anyone else who has been in a similar condition and came off Carbimazole, how long till the pains went away ?

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I was diagnosed overactive thyroid condition April 2011 and prescribed 10mg Carbimazole which helped with my fast heart beat, anxiety, hand tremor, sleeplessness, etc, but after a short while I began to experience muscle cramps and joint pain for the first time ever.

The Endo said to reduce the Carbi by half and so I took just 5mg of this drug until it was stopped April of this year. I am in a "wait and see what happens" period with monthly blood checks. I sometimes have aches and pains in my muscles and joints but as I am 70 year old I accept these as wear and tear and to be hones they are not that bad and don't happen often.

Perhaps you could ask your GP to explain why you have ESR there might be another reason other than Carbimazole medication. I hope this clears and you can become pain free soon. Good luck with your blood results, I hope you can stop this tablet and get back to "normal"..... whatever that means for us thyroid sufferers! Take care. xx


Hi what levels are you at as I had joint pain for a while but this has now passed. Been on carbi 2 years. Plus do see a physio. Where are you hurting? Shoulder, neck,???

Maybe it is another autoimmune problem such as rheumatoid arthritis? Speak to your GP.

Good luck.


Thanks for responding, in answer to where its hurting, feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, only slightly in the neck, have been tested for rheumatoid, osteo and gout, also for a bunch of other things, all OK except for elevated ESR. I have come down to 5mg in the last month, blood test tomorrow and if alls still fine I can stop taking them and hopefully thats it, still be monitored but a blood test every now and then I could happily put up with.


It is funny that I went through the same thing about 6 months ago but have come out of it. Still on 5mg but hoping to stop soon too. Good luck hope you improve. Could try some multivits eg vit D.


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