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Thyroid test results?

Hi I hope you can help me interpret my results - I have recently had a large number of blood tests and obtained the actual results today - The TSH level = 6.2mU/L and Free T4 level =11.2pmol/L Can anyone help me understand exactly what this means - there are lots of other results which I have no idea what they are or their relevance to my thyroid function (no T3 that I can see) any help is greatly appreciated Anne

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Hi Anne - do you have the reference ranges that go with those results please - they are usually in brackets after the actual numbers you quote. The range for fT4 varies a lot between labs, so your result may be low in one lab and OK in another... Your TSH though definitely looks high, indicating that you have an underactive thyroid. Are you on any medication for it and how are you feeling? xxx


Hi Clarebear , sorry no reference ranges on the printout I was given. I had a partial thyroidectomy some 6/7 years ago and have never been medicated for it. Told it would grow back and be ok, the latest comment regarding these results was "well your thyroid seems to be working extra hard, we will check again in 6 months" . I asked for the blood work due to extreme and debilitating joint pain which affects my sleep amongst many other things which in turn I thought was making me tired, maybe its the thyroid? All that said I have also seen a GP notes printout that states I am a very heavy drinker at 9units a day! which I am appalled by, I would struggle to drink that a year let alone a day, so I am not feeling very confident about this doctors accuracy and record keeping.


That is appalling re the error over alcohol - I think you need to ensure that this is taken off your records.

Can you call the surgery to ask for the ranges as it is pretty impossible to interpret the fT4 without it. However, with a TSH that high, I think you should be put on thyroxine now and shouldn't have to wait 6 months. Hopefully the fT4 result in conjunction with the range will support this argument. The joint pain sounds very likely to be connected to your thyroid levels. xx


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