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Finally got T3 result!

They said it was free T3 of 5.3 and the range is 3.1 - 6.8. This seems normal so I've no idea why I have so many symptoms of an under active thyroid, especially when my T4 is usually high. Though in the last test it was normal. I'm worried it may be something to do with my pituitary or is my thyroid just 'burning itself out'. My antibody test showed I have thyroid stimulating antibodies which I guess means Graves' disease which my mum had but hers soon turned underactive. The weight gain, my slow reflex response and the fact that I'm always freezing and have chronic constipation just doesn't add up. Could anyone help with this?

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It would be appreciated if you could quote all results of the entire thyroid blood test with ranges as this would enable accurate interpretation and advice. "normal" and "high" are only subjective descriptions, not objective indications of exactly where your results are in the range or how exactly they relate to each other.

How much medication and what type are you taking, and for how long would be useful also, as it is easy to see that you do have ongoing problems that might indicate, quite probably, undermedication, (my guess - but not a completely informed one) but might also possibly indicate impaired T4 to T3 conversion. T4 figures needed for this deduction, for how high is "high"?


My T4 is currently 18 and the range is 12-22. Over the last couple of years, my T4 has varied between 24 and 32.5. This is the first result that has been in the normal range. My T3 was never checked before now so I only have the one result. I am not on any thyroid medication as I refused to take the carbimazole because it made me feel awful and I wasn't convinced I should lower my thyroid function when I have symptoms of hypothyroidism, regardless of the test results.


I'm really not an expert on this but if your body couldn't use the T3 for some reason then it could sit in your blood and make your results look good but not actually be of use to you. I can't remember what sort of things cause your body to not be able to use T3, though - sorry!


Thanks zabby. That's something I'll try to find some info on. I guess these results all look good though even my doctor seems to know something isn't right. They're sending me for an MRI. I think to see if there is a problem with my pituitary gland. I can't help thinking that because my mum and my uncle have hypothyroidism there is probably something wrong there causing my symptoms.


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