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Can anyone shed any light on test results, basal temp results and what they mean please!


I hope you will bare with me as I explain my situation, Thanks :D

I have Hashi's for 20 years and recently had thyroid test results in May this year.

TSH 0.03 ( 0.4-4.0) T4 21 ( 12-22)

I have symptoms which are; really fatigued, swollen neck/chin area , insommnia, very weak muscles, anxiety, trouble concentrating bad memory brain fog, very dry eyes,and throat, constipation, pulsating thyroid, these are main ones.

My problem is I have symptoms which I have looked at, which can point to Hypo and Hyper, and as I have been struggling to feel well I have been trialing with my Dr changing dosage of levothyroxine. First i tried lowering my meds, I was on 100 levothyroxine ( which I been on for past 10 years and during and after ops last year.) then reduced to 75 which I did for two months and felt bad so went back to 100, was on this dosage for month then had above Thyroid test in May this year.

Still wanting to feel better I researched and found out that swollen face could be linked to hypo (under active thyroid) so tried taking Basal Temp before I got up in morning as suggested,( Thyroid UK info sent off for, )

Results taken over 3 weeks and averaging them

Week 1 97.1 f

week 2 97.5 f

week 3 97.5 f

it says if temp below 97.7 f hypo is considered and of course I have some hypo symptoms.

So I then I thought this must indicate Im undermedicated even though blood tests suggested over medicated and Dr had recommended I reduce meds, I didnt think my symptoms supported that, or my prev experience of reducing meds. so I spoke with Dr and he agreed that I up'd meds to 125mg which I have been on since 10 june. I'm still feeling the same symptoms , however these symptoms are worse: Anxiety, muscle aches,pins and needles,pain in palms and fingers, and last few days sleeping has been worse.

I hope your still with me, and sorry this is rather long! but I'm now stuck with not knowing where to go from here as trailing higher and lower dosage isnt working, I'm still feeling bad and everyday life really diff ,I'm getting really down as this has been going on for so long and I cant find any answers!

I'm wondering if anyone can help me? has anyone had similar experiences, with either same symptoms, or any advice please!! It will be very graetfully recvd!


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Hi Corrine - I really think you need a fT3 test. I suspect that this may show your fT3 to be low whuch would indicate that you have a conversion problem. T4 is a storage hormone, and has to be converted to the active T3, which is what is required by every cell in your body. Your doctor may be able to organise this fo you, o alternatively you may need to have it done privately. If the result is indeed low, then the addition of some direct T3 is likely to b beneficial. Xxx


Hi Clarebear,

Thanks for your reply, I think this may be the next step, my DR surgery doesnt test for this, so reckon will have to be done privately, Thanks again x


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