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Levo deduction by 50%when blood tests were changed to tsh only in 1971

(A newsmax health speacial report Thyroid disorders by Dr David Brownstein)if you click for video he tells you that before bloods changed to tsh level only in 1971 patients were taking between 200-300 levo per day ,when it changed patients levo was reduced by half.Also he states that iodine can lower cholesteral ,(the video is quite long and he is trying to sell you is books and dvd )but if he is right some points maybe of interest.

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Do you have the link for this? It sounds rather interesting :)


ItsThyroid disorders- About Newsmax . com There is a woman talking at first then this Dr D Brownstein speaks ,the video is about a hour ,she does come in a few times as she is trying to sell is books ,


I think this is it:


After the Teva debacle of last year, where the tablets were not delivering the claimed dose, I have to ask how do we know that the pre-1971 tablets were delivering the full claimed dose?

It would take a careful analysis of the medicines of the era and how they were prescribed to be sure.

For example, if these are based on bulk sales, then a modest number of highly over-dosed people coming back into range might look like an overall reduction.

This is absolutely NOT an argument that TSH has been a good thing. Simply a plea for more information and better analysis.



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