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Excessive sweating especially on face

Hi just wondering if any one else is suffering with excessive sweating .Been told by endo he thinks it is due to low estrogen levels.i had my ovaries out 8 years ago due to family historyof ovarian and breast cancer, although I have been suffering with this for much loner than 8 years.It is really getting me down it is embarassing and very uncomfortable.i was told must just live with this or take a higher dose of estrogen. Did try low dose for 3 month but didnt help.i wondered was it to do with my Arenals and asked endo this question only to be told no as peoplecwith Adrenal problems have a certain look and I dont have it and so must learn to live with it.

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My daughter (now 33) has had a severe sweating problem since she was in her mid teens. She has spoken to many doctors about it but they have all dismissed it as unimportant and nothing to do with her thyroid disorder. It was NOT unimportant to her. It was a BIG problem! After visiting a doctor in the US in Feb however we have now discovered the reason for her problem. You may like to take a look at these websites to see if anything in looks familiar.

Jane x


Jane, thank you for those links! I, too have been suffering for years with excessive face sweating. The Endo says it is all due to menopause, will only offer me HRT! NO way will I take that. Now I see it could be mold exposure as I do live in a flat which has and I am constantly fighting it. Thank you for on to the next leg of my journey to wellness!


hi tactano50 I also suffer from excess sweating but mine is my head, my hair is often dripping with sweat but not the crown just the bottom half of my head.

cazy xx


That's me the sweat runs down my face, people look at me as if I have 2 heads, inhad a hysterectomy when I was 25 after nearly bleeding to death for 8 months it was either thst or my life, I eas left with my overarys, I went straight into the change, I started to have night sweats and being very irraterble about 10 years ago, again told I was going through the change, after a couple of years it was getting worse and after great consideration I decided to go on HRT, for a couple of months being sweat freemi as over the moon but the seeats reapeared with a vengence, its like a stream running doen my face, I've come to the conclusion its my thyroid, its really getting me down I'm piling on the weight and I've got a very healthy diet, I've made up my mind am seeing the doctor this week as its getting me really down,

I've got enough on my plate waiting to see if I've been put in the support group its comming up to a year sice I asked them to look at my claim again, I'm also worried if I lose my moneyas I am single and have no other money comming in, the people making these descions make people worse than they are with all the worry .

Take care everyone xx


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