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Iodine- any serum levels reported?

I searched for Iodine on site, to no avail.

I've been taking Kelp [at ~RDA 150ug] for a year or two with GPs knowledge [though it's probably long been forgotten about].

I know over supplementing Iodine is not good- but mostly for hyperT conditions, I'd venture.

Thinking about adding a test for this next chance, anyway- but wondered if this element was lacking in many UAT cases and whether further emphasis on testing Iodine levels in UAT [& Hyper too] could be useful?

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Iodine is a complex subject. For example, has sometimes been used in cases of Graves disease as it can help to suppress thyroid hormone production.

As the standard test is 24 hour urinary iodine, adding it to your sheet will not be sufficient. :-)

Which site?

Thyroid UL main site:

HealthUnlocked (i.e. here)

But there are too many hits so it fails. Try "kelp":



Thanks Rod - Plenty to see there. Thought it strange, that no hits here!

Maybe 24hr Iodine test would run with Cortisol 24hr test?


I think it is a technical problem - once there are more than a certain number of hits, it falls over and returns absolutely nothing. It is a very poor "user experience". Hoping that is one of the improvements in the soon-to-be-launched site updates.



Tags is more helpful sometimes:




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