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Samphire season and sidestepping a flare-up!

Samphire season and sidestepping a flare-up!

Todays weekly weigh-in reveals an unexplained weight gain of 5lbs and confirms that I was heading for another flare-up of hypo symptoms. I had already picked up on the joint aches (elbows with me) leg cramps, carb cravings and insomnia. I've nipped these in the bud over the past week with a trial increase of 25mcg on alternate days, so I'm now on a 50/75 regime. And the symptoms have gone.

Weight changes always seem to lag behind, but I'm expecting this weight increase to have disappeared in a couple of weeks.

I'm also happy to see the start of the Samphire season as I love a little chopped and added into my morning mushrooms, celery and sun-dried tomatoes... with an egg (or two!) all cooked in olive oil goodness... yummy. Makes the hour delay after taking my T4 all worth the wait!

I know some sea-foods are high in iodine and this can be tricky for roidies, but I'm hoping that a little garnish of Samphire is ok... reminds me of happy summer visits to Norfolk.

'Samphire and why the Ice-Age may have messed up your Thyroid'

And to celebrate midsummers day, here's a photo from my garden... have a lovely weekend!

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I just wanted to add - the Thyroid UK symptoms list has been invaluable in helping to track symptoms and monitor changes. This has really helped me so much.

Here is the link to go to the list;

Thank you Thyroid UK!


Hi glad that you are feeling better and your rose is lovely. It is my favourite coloured rose.

Jo xx


Hi Jo

Thank you - it's the weight gain and high BMI which seems to be impossible to sort out and when there's a slight improvement - a loss of a lb or two, it soon re-appears.

The rose has the most lovely perfume too.

Liza xx


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