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Thyroid Cyst yipppieee..!Part 3

And a good afternoon to everybody. Have just got back from seeing the Top Surgeon for Thyroid stuff (yes thats the techincal term!!) and I must say I must be one lucky person..He was amazing. Firstly he asked about all my symptoms and I told him that I had "Under Active" symptoms, but my bloods had come back normal...OMG!!!!! he said well blood tests could mean they're ok for "Joe Bloggs" but mine could have a whole new meaning. I nearly fell of the chair. He did a diagram of the thyroid and showed me where Cyd (the cyst) was situated. I'm going to have a biopsy at some point but I asked him if its drained can we leave things as they are. He explained that as its 2.5cm then part of it is solid and part of it is liquid. If it was arouind 2cm he would just "drain" it. So bascially Cyd has to be removed and part of my thyroid He gave me all the percentages of what could go wrong/happen. Absolutely brilliant and the fact he said it all in english and not Latin or medical talk. Now a little secret and I hope you're all sitting down...... He also said that they're still learning about the thyroid and don't know everything!!!! THUD!!!!!!! :-)

A well earned 250euro for 3/4hr and got in early!!! Bless you Prof Curran

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I think you must have been dreaming and are still yet to wake up - pleasant dreams. Lol.

Moggie x


<~~~ jealous ...I got this thing in my head that the surgeon will cut my vocal cords on purpose or send me into coma so he can sell my organs in black market ... ( we didn't like each other that much in the consultation )


yep and smiling at me ever so patronising way !


Damm I've just deleted my thread after typing ekkk!!!!! Cant remember what I put - Doh!!!

Moggie - it would be lovely to wake up and I've just been dreaming about Cyd. Mind you I do like the bit were I've gone from insomnia (and if anybody else says its my age I will kick them in their shins!! lol) to sleeping its amazing lol xx

ThroidHell, Hmm is the Surgeon one of these with a "God" like attitude...don't you just hate that!!.

When he smiles again tell him he has something on his teeth ha ha !!

Mind you I remember many many years ago I had my appendix out, and I was in recovery with 2 other people ... a girl who was 6 years old and a Doctor..guess who was groaning out loud about the pain!!!! xx :-)


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