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I have TFT results, including FT3! finally. Should I up my Armour?

I finally got my TSH, FT4 and FT3 along with TPO, blood sugar and cholesterol.


Im on 2 grains a day now, was feeling good initially but running out of steam now.

TSH- 0.44 (0.15-3.2)

FT4- 9.2 (9.9-20.1) (should i add in levo again?)

FT3- 5.9 (2.7-7.0) This I was worried about as my TSH shot down very fast from 4.73 to 0.44 when upping 1/4 of a grain. But now from1 and 3/4 grains my FT3 was 5.1 and on 2 grains it's 5.9.

So is it safe to up to 2.5? i think so. Old symptoms are back: severe vertigo, bad headaches, migraines, tired and tinnitus is the worse it has ever been.

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody: 629 (tpo ref range <35 IU/mL) hmmmmm Hashimotos anybody? (this has come down from over a thousand)

Blood Sugar: 5.1 (in range for fasting) but am concerned about pre diabetes. Can anyone help me on this? what is the better test etc

cholesterol: HDL 0.8 (1.0-2.0) oops

LDL 2.9 (0.5-2.1) Well thats good then!

Thanks guys. next stop adrenal stress check


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Yes I would up it to 2.5 grains personally - symptoms more important than blood tests anyway.

How long a gap did you leave between last dose of Armour and blood test? I personally wouldn't add any levo in at this stage, but would carry on increasing the Armour. I would also expect your TSH to be suppressed when you are on an adequate dosage of Armour (mine is <0.02) xx


Brilliant thanks Clare xx


Hi Are you sure that is the correct range for FT3? I use 4 Labs and none have such a high range.I would add in T4, aim is to be in top third of range for T4.FT3 most of us need near the top of range. however with that low T4, I would consider being on T4 and T3, unless allergic.

Diabetes, the better test is Hb1Ac, but on that, be sure to have annual tests, stick to a Diabetes diet, good for thyroid any way, See Diabetes Uk and the USA equivalent.Symptoms very like thyroid, only colder and often funny feel, sleep a lot. If you are like that, ask for an extra test.

My Endo says the only good Adrenal test is through a doc as involves, 24 hour urine, tablet of cortisone at midnight ( script) and a blood test to get the thyroid right first.

Best wishes,



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