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Blood test results point to hypo, GP says wait and see.. I feel rubbish!

I managed to get my results from a blood test from 28th May, since then I've been feeling even worse than then - symptoms have been sudden weight loss around xmas then inability to lose any or tone up, hot flashes (at 18 years old!!), hair loss, exhaustion, achey joints, gluten intolerance, headaches, and lots else!!

TPO Antibodies: 57.1 ku/L (range 0-5.6)

TSH level: 1.98 mu/L (range 0.35-5.0)

FT4 level: 13.3 mu/L (range 9-22)

Am currently on no treatment whatsoever despite one GP contacting an endo who said prescribe levo, because the GP I last saw said oh it's fine wait three months then we'll do another blood test and contact an endo.. frustrating!!

My mother was diagnosed with cyclothymia, but treatment hasn't made any difference, and she's got all symptoms of hypo and apparently cyclothymia is a common misdiagnosis... my maternal grandmother also had an underactive thyroid.

Do the antibodies mean hashis or could it be something else?! All very confusing, going to book another appt with the better GP and say help me!

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Hi I would start by paying on line ( if pos) for a proper thyroid test " TSH, T4 and Free T3" this may show differently. It also could be the linked autoimmune and hormonal diseases, GP should test ( after treatment table annually) they are Diabetes, B12 + foliates ( need to be high in range)ron/feritin, fairly high in range and vit D ( hormonal) ,if d low then corrected calcium test before any treatment with it.

I would list your symptoms, for you to recite to the GP If still unwilling to treat, find a good Endo who will, important your choice after careful research not the GP`s.

Best wishes,


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Oh right thank you! I have seen Blue Horizon mentioned a lot, they do look good. I didn't know those should be tested for as well, I'm going back to see the first GP I saw on the 1st July who was a lot more thorough and in contact with the endo so they might test for those then..

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Hi you should have all the tests except probably Free T3 fro the GP, but they tend not to do that, it is the NHS new rules, costs!Try the GP first.

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(Am currently on no treatment whatsoever despite one GP contacting an endo who said prescribe levo, )

Just to ensure I'm reading this right, your gp contacted an endo , who told the gp to prescribe Levo and then the gp who had actually contacted them for a specialist opinion decided to not prescribe ?

Did the endo specify a dose? Plus did they say why? My thinking is that the endo was correct as your thyroid hormone is actually low in range ...

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Hi! The first GP I was seeing contacted the endo, then I saw a different GP for the results of the above test who said she would contact the endo after another blood test in three months' time. Didn't ask how I was feeling or if symptoms had gone away and sent me off with that!

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Sounds to me like the first gp is the one to see again...

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Got an appointment booked! Can tell she's a good GP because her first free appointment isn't until July..

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Either that or she only works one day a week,, lol... You def need some help though.. There's loads of info on the thyroid UK site,, including symptom checker, I'd gather up plenty of info while your waiting.

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