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Changing dose time

When I first started levo I found I had problems sleeping if I took my medication at night, so have been taking it in the morning for some months. Now I would like to go back to night time dosing as I don't have two hours clear between getting up and breakfast, and am starting to feel slightly under-medicated.

My question is: should I leave, say, 16 hours between the doses on changeover day ( taking medicine the same evening, or more like 40 hours (taking medicine the next evening)? Your advice would be welcome.

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You don't need to leave 2 hours between taking Levo and breakfast, 30 -60 mins is the recommended time.

As for changing dose time you can do either as neither taking and extra dose or missing one out will make much difference in the long run.


Respectfully, I disagree.

Half an hour has been shown to probably be OK for black coffee.

If, however, you consume white tea or coffee, a bowl of iron-fortified cereal such as Special K, with milk, and maybe a slice of toast, I am convinced that 30 to 60 minutes is not a long enough gap to maximise absorption.

As soon as you depart from that maximum absorption, it is difficult to be sure that you keep to a regime which has the same impact every day.

However, I do agree that for many people having or not having an extra dose would not make much difference. There is also the compromise of taking a full dose in the morning, and half a dose at bed-time - or something like that.



I find I sleep better at night taking the levo then, however if I have had too much wine in the evening I swop it back to morning but then back to the same night, if that makes sense. I like a cuppa when I wake up so nights suit me better.


I recently tried taking my levo at night (I am only on 50m) but within a few days I started suffering from Plantar Fasciitis - it is not something I have suffered from before so I thought there could be a connection. I swapped back to am dose but no difference and also now have fatigue, cramp and joint pain. Does that indicate that possibly I need a higher dose (I have had 50m since diagnosed a year ago and blood tests I have had were said to be 'fine' but I have never seen the results)?


Thank you for your replies. I had a think and changed my morning routine so I take the levo immediately on waking and have a later breakfast. I have been doing this for four days now and feel much better, more energy, more interest in things. I almost cannot believe it is just allowing that gap, or maybe it is the effect of changing my routine. Either way, I hope it lasts. Many thanks.


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