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Another trip to the GP....the story so far

So, the story so far....

after many tests, I am on a trial of Levo-thyroxine 50mcg, been on them almost 3 weeks now.

my TSH is within the normal range (1.9) but T4 is slightly under range and t3 on the cusp of low/normal.(before starting thyroxine).

had ultrasound for hoarse voice and fullnes is throat. (eNT ruled out anything in their department). Told at the scan a small cyst in left lobe and right lobe marginally bigger than left. Report sent to GP says cyst is 3mm, no further action required.

been referred to private endo of my choice ( appointment 24th June).

Taking prescribed ferritin, folic acid and vitamin d.

supplemting b12

Saw GP today, to retest for ferritin to see if its improved.

also testing LH and FSH.

anyone know when is the best time of month and day to have the blood drawn please?

tia xx

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Not sure about time of the month, but it is usual to wait at least 6 weeks after starting/changing dose of thyroxine, to get an accurate reading.

Re time of day, TSH is highest in the very early hours of the morning, so it is best to go to have the blood taken as early as possible. Also best to delay taking your dose of thyroxine until after the blood draw. xxx


Hi clarebear,

They are pituarity blood tests, not thyroid, I've had all them. This is another avenue that's being explored.

So was wondering when best time t have them.

Thanks for your reply :-)



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