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I'm take six Nutri Adrenal and then I take T3 but can't seem to find my level. Does anyone have any advice please?

After reading about people taking all their T3 in one go recently I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not sure what dose of T3 I should be on and I've been pussy footing around for months so recently I've been increasing it and yesterday I took 150 mg all in one go in the morning. Two hours later I had to leave my pilates class after ten minutes because I just couldn't do it. I didnt feel too down hearted though because I reasoned that at last I'd OD'd and at least I now knew what it felt like and would have a benchmark from which to work my way down.

This morning I reduced the dose to 125 mg after taking six NA before I took the T3. I understand this is the order in which one is supposed to take them. As soon as I took the NA I started to feel a bit off though and I'm now wondering if I could be on the wrong dose of NA. Has anyone else gone downhill when taking NA? I do feel as if I'm on the right track taking the T3 in one dose but I'm feeling pretty grim again today and wonder where to go next. Any advice would be gratefully received. x

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Yes I found that NAX and NA did not suit me at all, and I felt worse taking them. I stopped and adopted the CT3M for adrenals instead. This seems to have worked very well for me and is much cheaper too :) Have you had an adrenal test showing low cortisol? xx


My adrenal test result was a bit wierd and all over the place so Dr P decided to assume my adrenals are not right. I think I was on some hydrocortisone cream for psoriasis so that might have caused the strange result.


I felt dreadful on Nutri Adrenal so stopped taking them and changed to Isocort.

That does seem a lot to be taking though!


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